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How Popular Were the Aprilia Tuono V Twins?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mjt57, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. I'm looking around for a replacement for my aging Blackbird. The Aprilia Tuono V2 1000 seems as likely a candidate as any.

    However, Bikesales listed exactly THREE of them for sale here in Victoria.

    Therefore, I'm wondering; how popular were these bikes?

    Also, their seats don't look all that comfortable. A mate has a new V4 and he spent about $500 on an aftermarket seat for his. Were the V twins' seats as bad?
    My other options are the new Caponord or perhaps a KTM Adventure. In other words, I'm moving away from the "sports" style and towards something that's more comfortable. Tuonos are cheaper than a new bike, but they're still expensive ($12k for a near 7 yo bike in one example).

  2. They weren't common or they'd wear a Ducati badge. 3 seems about right.
  3. Mine cost me $9k with 12k miles on it . . awsome bike that makes me smile all the time.

    Seats really no different to most sportbike types out there . .I havnt done a long ride yet but we are a hardy bunch so wont worry me too much

    There are 6 for sale on bikesales atm . .scroll right to the bottom of the model list :)
  4. What about the older tuono? They normally had better reviews.
  5. At a guess, I'd say Aprilia sold as many Tuonos V2s as they did RSV1000 sportsbikes. There's always some for sale. Pretty solid engineering, although the parts supply can sometimes be a bit sporadic.
    I rode both versions of the V2 and they were both quite comfortable, but haven't ridden the V4 so I can't tell you how it compares.
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    Ahh for sale in Vic .. sorry never spotted that, so yea that would cut down your available bikes :)

    I traveled 2100 k's to buy mine .. I was off work with a busted collarbone so had a lot of time on my hands. I did price a transport mob it was going to be $475 from brisbane to my place, which I thought was ok

    From what I have looked at, anything over 10k for a bike that has over 15 - 20 thousand k's is too much. Some people just dont get the reality that their bikes drop in value.

    I like the 07 for 10.5k. If you could get that for 9.5 it would be a great buy

    I'd love to get my hands on a Factory Tuono, but havnt seen any come up as yet. Did they even get to Aus ??

  7. You could get a lot newer z1000 for that money. Still a great bike..
  8. Thing is, Mike, I want to move away from the 4 cyl thing, having owned litre plus fours since my Suzuki GS1000S back in 1981.

    I rode a mate's VTR1000 recently, and I liked the torque characteristics of it. I'm basically a lazy rider, so the idea of not having to change up, down, up, down between corners in order to keep it "on song" appeals to me.

    And there's the sound, of course...

    Ljil, which model is the "older Tuono" that you refer to? When I punched out the list of Tuonos in Bikesales, the oldest were the 2007 models (and two I linked to above).