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How popular are you??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Kraven, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Do a search for your username,

    Topics Search found 95 matches :woot:
    Posts Search found 178 matches :woot: :woot:

    I have a feeling i know who the most search results, only because his name is the same as the state :(
  2. Search found 369 matches Thats with P J
    Search found 1 match With PJ
  3. 264 as topics
    785 as individual posts
  4. dont know how many topics
    cant remember how many posts
    ahhhar found it
    Revilo you have written 176 messages.

    this one makes me feel so unloved

    General Discussion biker on red bike OFF at Thornton yesterday
    revilo 0 replies :-k 50 looked at it :-({|=
  5. 9 matches.

    ...my mum thinks I'm cool though.
  6. what kraven means is go to the search function at the top of the screen, enter your user name as the keyword then click search.
    to search for how many posts have been made about you there is an option on the lbottom eft side of the search options.

    revilo: 11 topics &
    15 posts about you.
  7. I have a friend
  8. OMG 15 posts about me :-k
    what are they [-o< sayin tell me tell me
    Pweaze i juzt gotta know :---)

    ohhh nooooooo :nopity:
    parranoyya settin in :eek:hno:

    :rofl: :eek:hno: :rofl:
  9. not so much about you as having your name mentioned in them.

    follow the steps i just gave you and check it out yourself
  10. :rofl: that was fun :rofl:
    and 176 messages :eek:hno: any wonder i get sore fingers :applause:

  11. 21 topics and 29 posts - though some of those aren't actually about me. Is there any way of finding out how many times you've been quoted I wonder, might prove to be a more interesting number.
  12. Not controversial enough. If you had posted about a gay, black, whale biker you would have got 15 pages replies.... :roll:
  13. :rofl:
    oh noo Titus :shock:

    i dont want any warnings :angel:
  14. 15 posts for me as well :LOL:
  15. by christ your ugly.. :LOL:
  16. 158 for Hornet600 in posts
    237 for Hornet600 in topics

    904 for Hornet in general search, but of course that's the name of a bike as well, so it scarcely counts
  17. haHA! Im more popular than you!
  18. i still dont know how to do it lol
    ill just wait im sure someone do it for me :)
    :oops: :oops: