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How petty are people?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bastian, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. At the moment, I park my motorbike in a local side street.

    A house near the bike piped up the other morning as the bike was warming up (and I was gearing up) and confronted me to outline how "having a motor running at this time isn't appropriate".

    Alright, changed that behaviour and ride it cold now to start (gently). Also kill the engine as I return at the end of the day and just roll it down the hill.

    This morning the husband asked questions surrounding why it's there etc. I then noticed that overnight both tyre inflation caps had been pinched. Not a big deal however they're custom made and weren't cheap.

    My worry now is that they'll push the bike over or similar. I confronted them this evening and gave my business card and advised "if you have any issues with the bike, tell me and I'll sort them out. I won't tolerate vandalism, not that you were the ones who necessarily did it".

    Is this standard? It's hardly a bike filled suburb so I understand why they find it intrusive however I'm around enough that people could easily stop me and outline their concerns.

    What's the general view on this?
    Yes, I could move it however surely we'd meet the same issue.
  2. What time of day are you warming the bike up?

    Dealing with neighbourhood noise | NSW EPA

    Motor vehicles (except when entering or leaving residential premises)

    Before 8 am and after 8 pm on weekends and public holidays
    Before 7 am and after 8 pm on any other day
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  3. the more expensive the suburb, the crankier and more protective people get over their "peace and quiet"...

    if the bike is loud, idles for 5 mins before you take off, and it's 5am.. well.. maybe they have a point.
    but if not.. then they are just average Aussies getting cranky because they can, no real reason
  4. I'd strongly advice against parking your bike on a street, its only a matter of time until it will get nicked or damaged.
    I've never had troubles coming and going early or late however I try to make an effort to move the bike away from windows and get on the way after a minute or so and try to warm the bike up down the street instead.

    It would be worth buying a bike cover and alarm to help protect your bike at night.
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  5. Not overly early however it depends on the day.

    Bike alarm doesn't work as rain and cats set it off which annoys people further.

    Might just leave it in the office car park. Not worth playing Russian Roulette with the local pack. They're a very arrogant bunch around here.

    Thanks for the advice all.
  6. my understanding is that modern engines do not need a lengthy period of warming up before starting to roll. Better materials. liquid cooling and precise manufacturing tolerances have eliminated the need for it. In such situations I build up oil pressure and roll off gently as soon as possible. It is very hard for those affected by noise problems to speak up about it to the person responsible because that often created animosity. I would prefer for somebody to have the courage to approach me with his concerns rather than dobbing me in to the authorities or start vandalizing my bike. I had a neighbour at some stage who made a hell of a racket warming up the 2 stroke trail bike, which he rode to work early in the morning. When I confronted him about it, he started throwing empty beer cans on my roof at night time. :confused: Sometimes you just can't win.
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  7. throw sand filled ones back on his
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  8. That sucks to hear that bastian. I've always had really good neighbours, so never had your problem. On a week day, I wouldn't consider 6.30am or later unreasonable, altough if neigbours have objected, then you have done the right thing. Weekends, I don't start my bike before 10am (9am occasionally). Although if the neighour is a shift worker, it would be good to find out what days he/she is sleeping in. If you are being as reasonable as you can, then you are trying your best. Regarding the vandalism, I would hide an action camera and find out who is tampering with your bike. I doubt it would be the neighours. If they were they intent in stopping you riding, they would do something more substantial. Yeah, totally agree with Nicholai_Chev. Parking your bike on the street is inviting a theft, and if the cops recover the bike (and you better hope they don't), you have to battle the insurance co's. Not usually a happy process as they normally cover the cosmetic damage only.
  9. Start it a few times with no can. If you have insurance who cares.
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  10. You did the right thing giving them your details. Maybe if they understand your situation for parking there they will be more understanding?

    Can you not canvas the area (notes in mailboxes) to try and get some off street parking ?
  11. Does your bike have the stock exhaust? If it does, it's likely not that loud to complain about.

    We have a few regular Golf GTI wankers that pass by with those dual clutch thingos that fart loudly on every gear change. Yuck.
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  12. I may leave business cards; undecided at this point.

    Stock exhaust. Glad I didn't go ahead with the loud pipe.

    It really is not a loud bike unless I'm making it so.
  13. Some people you just can't win. We used to live in a unit for a while, did it up, rented it out and moved to the next place. In the time we were there we got to pretty much know the people in the street. One day down the beach I ran into the people across the road from the rental. They were very upset with us about our tenants. Apparently he had a work truck he would start up at 5.00 Am and load a few bits into it, and go...to...work. (concreter with small flatbed) Apparently as land lord it was my duty to put a stop to it! I asked if they had approached the tenant them selves - FFS I was sorry I did, what I thought were nice people across the road were right efn whingers. In the end, I said as the truck is parked on the street and not on the property there was little (nothing) I could do and suggested they call the police. Shook my head and walked off.

    And you've got stock exhaust!! What difference would it be to a car starting? I don't give a rats when I start mine, but its not often at early AM and then all the neighbours are either rentals or moved in after us - no one has ever said anything except the bloke at the end of the street and that was just that he always heard when I started it, in a neither good or bad sense.

    A house near the bike piped up the other morning as the bike was warming up (and I was gearing up) and confronted me to outline how "having a motor running at this time isn't appropriate".
    I think Ol mate is a bit precious and quite possibly needs to be told so.
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  14. Welcome to the Age of Phony Outrage.
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  15. Seems like your neighbour is being unreasonable. If taking the polite options mentioned early don't work I suggest taking a note from Hunter S Thomson's book. Befriend your local Hells Angel chapter. Invite them all around for a party some time. Neighbours shouldn't give you any more trouble. They might even move!

    I get that some bikes are too loud. Harleys with straight pipes or superbikes with race exhausts come to mind. But if your riding a bike designed for normal street riding, complies with all relevant ADR/EPA requirements, then it's fine and who ever is complaining needs to get the stick out of their arse.
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  16. We don't give a toss regarding our neighbours (well only two). The nob jockey on our right doesn't give two hoots about making noise be it 4am or 12am....and all inbetween, so we make a huuuuge deal of starting our bikes early early when off on a ride (its times like these I wish I had a Harley.....did I just say that/??). Anyway, thinking of putting a link pipe in...this tosser mows his lawn in the dark!!! No kidding, no lights no nothing but in the dark past the cut off time for noise....his dog barks incessantly and they don't tell it to shut up we have to. Just wish I could win lotto and then I am outta this place....
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  17. Neighbors are the reason I moved to the country. I couldn't drop a bolt in the driveway before 7am or after dark without the neighbors whinging. I rented the place out for a little while and considered an add that read, 'bikers welcome to apply' but my OH stopped me.
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  18. I left the country to come here.....geeesssss. Things you do to earn a quid lol
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  19. surprising to me no one here has replied to that dumb comment.
  20. Don't know where UG is????