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How one app is raking in $700K per day

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Not4Resale, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. Well everyone... we all love a Cinderella story.

    You know, that rags to riches "I went from celebrity p0rn to marrying Kanye" kind of stories.

    They just make you feel a sweet sense of justice and hope for humanity in the world. Like we're not all driven by paltry desires that have little consequence on the survival of our species.

    So there is this great new app that has come out, it is in line with this rags to riches story where you get to play the game yourself. You will go from being a total E-lister... Which, for the uninformed is someone that doesn't have any celebrity status at all - essentially, you or me. By purchasing in-game items like handbags and new shoes (with real money of course) you slowly rise in the celebrity ranks and eventually can go to your own virtual red carpet events!

    The game was released on June 26th 2014 and as it stands is raking in $700K in revenue per day.

    For the mathematical layman, that equates to over $36 million per year.

    Congratulations humanity... you've outdone yourself!

    Here's a nice write up on the app

  2. So why promote this crud?
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  3. Well you've got to give props to the developer for figuring out how to monetize it so well.
  4. He monetized it by getting big ar*e KK's support and celebrity status to advertise the 'game' in return for giving her what? 60/70/80% rights?
    Which left him a paltry $14.4M/$10.8M/$7.2M a year according to those figures.
  5. I fear for humanity for giving these oxygen thieves airtime, including here.
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  6. Check your maths.

    And who is big arse KK?
  7. Is that a trick question? Why not click on the link and see if you can solve the puzzle all by yourself
  8. I think thats what we should all be saying, who is KK, cause they have celebrity status for no fcuken reason what so ever, just like PH
  9. An entertainment app was created which there is clearly a very large market and demand for. They saw an opportunity to make some serious cash and took it. I say good work.
  10. You've gone off half cocked twice in the last 24 hours and it's come back to bight you both times. If you're on your rags take a few days off posting like a good girl. If your just in need of a good hard fcuk and don't care if you catch something, send me a message.

    @goz@goz. Something tells me I wouldn't care who KK is. Or PH for that matter, though for some reason I'm thinking red hair, red lipstick, banana economy state, tells it like it is, the country's best PM that never was... on the right track?
  11. No, so far off it's wrong continent.
    But I genuinely applaud you for not knowing who KK is. Not worth knowing.
  12. Cheers Titus. Haven't watched TV in at least 3 years now. The time saved in ads alone is incredible.
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  13. I have a 13 year old daughter, I have no choice but to know.
  14. So it's you who's stuffed the economy :D

  15. hahahahahahahha love it, but no, KK Kim Kardashian, PH Paris hilton

    55febf20-b108-11e3-af10-d701307f407e_kim-kardashian-bum-implants-speculate-spanx-small-implants. Paris-Hilton-Crying-Back-To-Jail-781853.
  16. i feel dirty now
  17. you saw their videos?
  18. Wow.

    That looks infected.

    Thanks Goz, that makes sense. Heard the name before but not much else. Wouldn't be able to recognise her, though I'm sure I've seen arses like that around. Next time I see her I'll ask for an autograph.

    Paris Hilton, of course. Probably shoulda known that one.
  19. A while back, Paris had failed to pay rent on a storage unit she was leasing. Per the contract, her possessions were forfeited after a certain amount of time and a tabloid consortium got a hold of them. They came across a two year-old prescription for Valtrex, a herpes medicine, as well as printed doctor’s instructions, made out to her, on how to take the medication. Pretty hard to misinterpret that.


  20. Arrr I counted it wrong. I was counting it monthly... That's closer to $250 million in the first year. The world is mad!