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How on earth do riders see when it rains?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dan_man_x, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. OK, a stupid question? Please allow me to ask it before I get stuck in my first rainstorm.

    When I'm driving, I have windscreen wipers, but they don't exist on a bike. So, how do you all see when it's raining - heavy?

  2. I use "rain-x" on the visor, (take off visor first, cos the rain-x may effect some helmet materials) works really well I've found

    Also it's important to have a very clean visor, doesn't take much road grime to make the slightest mist stuff your vision.

    Some gloves also have soft chamois sewn into the back and onto the index finger to allow you to wipe off some water.


    [EDIT= it's also amazing how much a good windscreen/fairing will deflect rain when your moving]
  3. Plexus is your friend!

    Plexus on your visor is good. So is RainX aparantly.

    Pack your umbrella :)

    Safe riding Dan :)

  4. Rain-X is good.
    You can also practice turning your head from side to side when appropriate. This causes the wind to blow excess water off the visor.
    I always put a fold of duct tape along the top of my visor if I'm touring in the rain as it seals the top and stops water from flowing down the INSIDE of the visor where you can't clean it while you're riding.
    Apart from that, fairings that keep you out of the rain are good as noted above.
    Perversely, visors get very dirty very quickly in the rain so need cleaning more often too.
  5. I do as Rc says and that is to move me head left and right to get the excess off every now and then . I also have a swade(spelling) strip on my glove pointy finger which works well to wipe it off . Never tried rainx , was always worried about the visor being plastic.
  6. if you ride faster your view stays clearer too.
  7. I ride in all conditions and to be honest I've never had a problem with the rain...Maybe i'm just riding too fast? :shock: On the odd occasion I've had 'the fogs', but only at the lights...where a simple lift of the visior whilst waiting is all that is required. Light's turn green visor goes down :D
  8. I just put on my x-ray specs. great for lanesplitting too.
  9. Works fine, never had an issue, but like I said, I take the visor off teh helmet first, just to be sure.

  10. Buy a good helmet in the first place and you won't need half these trendy add ons gadget doodads..

    Just look at poor ol stoner in the last gp with the nolan he could'nt see
  11. I love the rain..... I love riding in the rain. It is my friend, It is good fun. Riding in the rain. ;)
  12. As that great scottish philosopher billy connoly once said, ther's no such thing as bad weather , It's just a bad choice of clothing :)
  13. The curve of a helmet visor is much greater than that of a car windscreen so the water is blown of much more easily by the wind. Also the slope being steeper would assist the runoff and as said before turning your head helps the process.
    I have a pair of Dririder gloves with a little wiper pad on each index finger. One swipe with that and any road grime on the visor disappears.
  14. Once you get to 80kph and above, you can turn your head sideways and the wind will clear the visor off for you.

    Course, then you're looking sideways.

    Which may not be that good.
  15. You'll find that light misty rain is the worst ! its not enough to just run off by its self, and you may need to do the finger wipe, but light rain and above, a little rainex and the shape of the helmet and the aerodynamics all work in unison to keep your visor reasonably clear.

    i ride almost 24/7 most weeks , and rainex has never let me down
  16. I've only been caught out in the torrential a couple of times and wondered how things could be improved. I'll give the rainex a go :D .
  17. I also add a vote for rain-ex, just make sure you polish it well so there is no excess residue
  18. Squeegy wedged down the front of your jacket. As you nod to other riders, it'll clear the screen at the same time.
  19. im a new rider and i am also worried about the rain when riding. is there anything that i can use to stop the visor from fogging up??
  20. just leave the visor open a little and learn to breath through your nose evenly. i dont really think you can STOP it from fogging up but you can make it better.

    eventually you get used to a little bit of impaired vision, its a bit freaky at first tho for sure....