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How old were you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DANNIBOI, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Just something i thought would make a good topic....

    Im 23 got my bike when i was 22....

    I'm just wondering what age people get the "itch" for 2 wheels instead of 4 and how long did it take to make the choice to spend the extra money haha. And why?

    For me I always drove with both my windows down, didnt matter on the weather (execption of rain of course) so i always like being in the elements. And for me its all about being in control and the feeling of freedom when your on your bike.

    I'm not one of those, "I always wanted to ride" I just enjoy it more than driving. :biker:

  2. First got my leg over a peewee at 6. Spent the next few years on unpowered two wheels (they still hurt to prang). Spent a fair bit of time on the back of an old CBR1000FN in my late teens. I was about 23 when I bought my Spada. 4 years and 4 bikes on this journey so far. I don't own a car.
  3. Dad bought a DS80 for me when I was about 9 or 10, rode that around for about 3 years, then stopped during high school, I was always kinda thinking of buying a bike that I could ride on the road, then in 2007 I bit the bullet and bought a GS500. Looking back, I don't know why it took me so long.
  4. Must have been a young teenager, went out with with some mates and messed around on his dirtbike, in full squid attire :LOL:

    Ahh things are so much simpler when youre young and playing around.
  5. Things hurt less, bones heal quicker. Taking two weeks off school costs less than work. Ahhh to be young again.
  6. I got my car license at 19 in 1968, and in 1974, for no identifiable reason, I went out and bought my first bike.
  7. haha sme and a mate used to get Postie Bikes from the Trading Post, thrashed them, fixed them and did it again. We brought a few, kids with to much money and no debts haha.

    They didnt go very fast but when your a young teen its the shit.
  8. Reckon i got the itch at about 2 or 3 years old. rode in a sidecar when i was about 11, finally got a bike last year.
  9. Think i was about 9 when i got on an old bike friends had for their girls to hoon around their farm.

    They got rid of it and my parents never got me another one. :cry:
  10. Got a dirt bike when i was 10, rode that untill about 14 then stopped cose i grew too big for the bike and just didnt get another. Got my bike in Feb this year and had to what until 3 weeks ago when i turned 16 and 9 months so i could get my license and legally ride.
  11. I was 5 or 6 I think, had a little Honda - loved it!, But in true mechanic family-style, there was always something wrong with it so I couldn't ride - thanks Dad :?
    Spent the rest of my youth as pillion on Dad's dirt bike, always loved it :)
    Only just got around finally last Xmas to get off my lazy ass and get my licence, cursing myself why oh why did I wait so long :cool:
  12. 6 when I was shoving cardboard through the wheels of my bicycle and pegging it to the frame to make a broom-broom noise.

    17 when I finally bought one that made it's own broom-broom noise.

  13. Better late than never

    I've only just gotten around to getting my L's and a bike.

    Rode mate's dirt bike a bit in my mid teens....so it's taken me over 20 yrs to go for my license and buy a bike.

    Been wanting to get my license for so long..but a wife n kids , a shoulder injury....sort of held me back.

    Got it now....so I'm a happy camper.....or should that be biker?
  14. Age: 21
    First motorbike: 21

    Kinda wishing i got into it earlier.
  15. Got introduced to bikes via pillion riding last year at the ripe old age of.....hang on, im a female, we dont reveal our age :LOL: ......got hooked and now have my own bike.

    Have vague memories as a kid dirt bike riding once and loving it....
  16. At 32, my legs wouldn't do my annual cycle touring in Asia anymore... knees just don't work proper... so I started riding motorbikes instead... without a training, or skills, and while I loved it, understood that a) it was pretty dangerous, and b) If I binned it, I was completely without insurance (and a medivac and hospital stay, even in Asia, is getting towards hundreds of thousands of (Aussie) dollars...

    So at 33, I forgot to tell the missus I bought a motorbike when she was in labour (figured she would forget and I had done my duty)... so I waited another couple of weeks when we were visiting her sisters property and said "I should take my motorbike", her "you don't have a motorbike", me, "actually....."

    got licensed just so I would have insurance when I ride bikes when travelling, and now commute 50km/day and ride on weekends when I can... plus 3 weeks in Thailand in November :zoom:...

  17. afte racing bmx during primary school, then racing mtb during high school, motorbikes just seemed the next logical step. i worship speed in all it's forms, but a ten grand bike (my budget for my first vehicle) is a lot funner and prettier than a ten grand car

    i was supposed to have picked my rs125 up on my 22nd birthday (2006), but the shipment was delayed. it first caught my eye after reading a Two Wheels learner-bike comparison review in 2001. would have bought one earlier, but i had a medical thing stopping me from driving for a while
  18. Igot my first bike when i was 4. It was a honda mini trail, with the fold down handlebars and it had training wheels attached. I rode the hell outa that thing, as well as being a pillion on my old mans suzuki TS400 up until my teens. When i was 16 i got busted on said Suzuki at the end of my street and fined accordingly. In the end the old boy sold the bike.

    I did my learners test and subsequently my licence test before i bought a bike. I waited til my restrictions were over and bought a GSXR600 as my first road bike.

    WOW, that thing had aggots. It used to scare the hell outa me. In the end i sold it for a YZ426, which i kept for a while. After a coupla years break i am the proud owned of a 2007 Yamaha XJR1300. I bought it new and i love the thing to death.
  19. Just turned 20, just got my first bike.

    I'd always wanted a "crotch rocket" for as long as I could remember. Always like push bikes in all forms too.

    But I never thought I'd get a bike because cars are more practical. Didn't occur to me to have two vehicles, one for fun and one for transport.

    Three months ago a mate of mine brought up bikes. We'd never talked about it before and I tried to tell him not to get one, as they're dangerous and useless if you need to carry stuff. Then he mentioned that you could just ride it for fun. I was sold.

    A few weeks later we got our L's. Then a few weeks after that we got all our safety gear. I just got my bike last Thursday and am loving it. :grin: Will probably even do some commuting with it.

    I've suddenly lost some love for my car, bikes are so much better. Also, I'm glad I didn't get one when I was younger as I probably would have killed myself.
  20. Me too. Started riding pillion about 3 years ago. Got my L's at age 57 and now two years later have clocked up 30,000 kms and totally addicted.