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How old were you when you started riding on the ROADS

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ananda22, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. how old were you guys when you started riding on the roads? i mean got ur L's and started having rides etc.. and how many years has it been riding..

  2. 21, been riding for 8 months
  3. Started riding on the roads at 15 but got my learners at 17 & 9 months, I'm 46 now, 10 licences later :?
  4. i was 22, i think it's important to realise that if you're starting riding on the road with no roadcraft experience (driving cars for a couple of years) you have to be extremly careful out there, as you need awhile to learn to predict what traffic will do and how it all works out there, which will be the case for you as you're 18.

    good luck out there when you get started, perhaps organise to ride with someone for the first session or two on the road while you're building your initial skills.
  5. Not long for me. i got my L's in november last year and just bought my first bike 2 weeks ago. Hyosung gt250r
  6. I was 25 years old when I got my bike license, (car license at 19)
    Car license in 1968
    Bike license in 1974
  7. Well let me think now. Got my bike license when I was 15. Mainly so I was legal riding trail bikes in the forestry. Main form of transport as well, commuting back & fowards to work as well as hooning round the bush on the weekends :grin:
    24 years later & I seem to have gone full circle. Except I have a few more bikes in the collection now. Gone a few years without a chook chaser but remedied that last week :LOL: :LOL: Back to hooning round the bush on weekends (& week nights when I get the chance)
  8. I was 18 when I first hit a road on a Motorbike.
    I didn't really want to get one at teh time but lived 35 k from school, and needed transport.

    18 months later I let my L's laps and got in a car. Ever since I have wanted back on a bike.

    9 Days till my L's and counting...
  9. Started on dirt roads at 14. Got my L's first at 18 then never road on the bitumen. Re sat my L's at 37 and been 16,000km's since November last year. 5 months or there abouts.
  10. About 14, got a piece of paper when I was 15 along with a slap on the wrist.
  11. started riding bicycles on the road in primary skool
  12. 22, had to wait untill my parents wouldn't shoot me before i could take the plunge.
  13. lol tailus.. im not telling my parents im getting my bike, just gonna get it, cause otherwise i have no hope !!
  14. yeah diffenatley man, i dont think i will be riding on busy roads when i get my bike, and if i do it will be in the early hours of the morning.. but im definatley gonna do ADVANCE riding courses !!
  15. Car licence since 1982 (18yr old) been driving 24 years

    Bike licence (L's) since 2005 (41yr old) been riding 3 mths or so

    Get the feeling I did those the wrong way round ? :roll:

    Had a dad that wouldn't let me near bikes (only cos he nearly got killed on his).
  16. Got my car licence at 18, didn't start riding till I was 24 (been riding about 17 months now - still 7 months till restrictions end).
  17. How long?

    How long? Hmmm...
    I can't recall the actual number of years I've been riding, but I do have a faint memory of some bloke parting the Red Sea so me and the lads could ride to the next pub without wasting time on the ferry.
  18. been riding for about 2 years.... and hoping for more happy riding times
  19. Got my car L's at 16, P Plates at 16 and a half, full licence at 19 (as required by SA Law at the time)

    Got my bike L's last august, have my test for R date licence on the 18th. I'm 29 now.
  20. Doc you must be my older brother.