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How old is your lid?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by davidk, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. About 21months old.. Does get worn almost everyday though.

    Good article, if a bit over the top with the dropping info. I think most lids are capable of surviving light drops without damaging the eps liner.
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  2. Too old. It's getting loose, and smells. Just need to find the right replacement.
  3. Mine are both over two years old, but in excellent condition. I like to be able to alternate them to let them dry out. I don't know how some of my friends get their heads in their helmets, which smell like a rat's nest, and survive with the visor down o_O. Having suitable storage in the Givi box means I don't have to lug it around with me and that is probably the main reason why they are still in top condition. Since they protect the most important part of your body you have to look after them.
  4. Bought mine end of 2013, it is going in the bin by the end of this year, currently looking for a new one.
  5. '97, '98 and 2012.

    The 2012 one isn't comfortable yet.
  6. dec 2015 but havent used it yet.
  7. Bought it earlier this year - old stock 2012 model. All my other helmets are older.
  8. From the article - the highlighting is mine

    "Helmet manufacturers and independent safety experts, such as the Snell Foundation, agree that helmets should be worn for no more than five years due to degradation in the glues and resins."
  9. Haven't we had a thread about this before?

    BMW helmets state that they should be replaced after 6 years, but my thoughts have always been that figure would be based on an average annual use, maybe 12,000km per year?

    What variation should be put on a high mileage/high use wearer, doing two or three times that average use. I get a new bone dome every 4 years or less: I reckon that my safety is worth the effort.
  10. That reminds me...I need to get my wife a birthday card!!
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  11. Shampoo it, they feel much nicer after a wash too.

    I'm convinced the drop thing is a myth. I doubt the average drop would even flex the shell noticeably.
  12. Yesterday the wife's lid started to fall apart. The plastic trim on the edge of the shell has become a necklace for her. Two new lids needed. :(

    But it is her birthday on Friday! Problem solved.
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  13. A tighter necklace??
  14. Manufactured November 2012, owned since September 2013. It's got its own special smell so it might be time for a liner-ectomy and a good washing.

    It's got the usual wear and tear bumps and scratches but there would be nothing that I'd suspect has affected its structural integrity to the point where an ice cream bucket would be more beneficial to wear.