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How old is your brain bucket?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mlc05, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Okay I am bored but genuinely interested who would receive the title of riding with the oldest helmet by manufacture date on the helmet. I think we all know that we should replace it every 5 years (so we are told or the manufacturers would be out of business:>:>).

    Anyways I am in between helmets at the moment and currently wearing a Shoei a mate gave me. Excellent fit, nice and quite on the highway, cool iridium visor etc etc. Looked on the tag July 2000 manufacturing date. Wow!
    Better to wear a 12yr old Shoei that fits great than a $99 helmet???

    I am in between as I have had 3 other helmets before:
    1st a RJays SP2 that was sold to me one size large (L) when I was a newbie, they should have fitted me up better, within a year helmet no. 2 was an RJays CFK1 in medium, nice look, felt okay except for the pressure induced headaches and the looseness after 6 months. Mental note forget Rjays. Helmet no.3 was a Shark evoline s2, abominably noisy and some pressure headaches too but it was the noise that annoyed me the most. Interestingly it was a size small that fitted very snugly,better than the others but no other size small fits. Now I am on the market looking and am just confused, is the name worth the $500 or can a $99 RXT that felt pretty good do the job. Cannot wait for the Aldi helmets either who knows.....

    Anyways the helmet I am wearing is 12 yrs old so what is everyone else wearing?
  2. my shoei xr1100 bought in august '11 was built in june '10
    rjays striker bought in jan '10 built in august '09
    guess i don't qualify for the oldest on here

    my rjays is a medium, after a few months and a trip through the washing machine the liner had deteriorated, it no longer fit snug
    shoei has had near daily use since purchase, a trip through the wash, rides through torrential rain more than once, and my sweat soaked noggin every day for a few months and the liner is fine.

    my bro in law laughed at my buying an $800 shoei, bragging he bought a $99 aldi job
    if he ever decides to actually fix his bike and ride it, i'll be sure to find out how the aldi rubbish goes
  3. The AGV says 5/97 - I bought it in December that year. The original visor is still on it too...

    I can't find any number on the Eldorado open-face, but I bought it within probably a month or so of the AGV.
  4. A lot of cheaper lids score highly in safety testing, but features, nice lining etc are all worth paying a bit more for IMO.

    That Takamii fellow here on netrider has his own range of helmets that seem to be pretty popular.

    And I don't wear very old helmets, my current Shoei is a 2006 and I've got a brand new Arai Q2 ready to take it's place. I don't know much about lids, but I would imagine the lining would get compressed over time and possibly the hardness of the outside shell will deteriorate from exposure to UV, pollution etc.
  5. My current HJC is dated some time in 2005 and I'm currently on the lookout for a good deal on a replacement.

    My last HJC was about 8 years old when replaced. It developed some interesting marks in the surface that looked like gel coat stress cracks but couldn't have been. Didn't like them much but couldn't have seen them if it hadn't been a plain colour.
  6. Personally, I replace helmets every 2-3 yrs of use due to sweat/oils from hair, putting it on/off 1000s of times - regardless of whether I crash in it or not....Bearing in mind my gear gets alot of use, even more so commuting 7 days a week which I no longer do but I'd still replace after 3yrs of use either way.....

    Expensive but cheap insurance....plus, Dragan gets all the old ones to practice painting on :D
  7. I have a bmw sport integral helmet, still looks ok but will need replacement soon as it's 4.5 yo and the liner is getting a bit worn inside.
  8. My current full face is 3 years old and my open face is 8 years old.
  9. My helmet is only about a month old :oops:
  10. mine is just over 3 y/o and I'm going to upgrade my Shark lid very soon
  11. I've got a shoei that is a bit worse for wear. 5 years old.

    I'm thinking about one of those fancy takamii ones when I upgrade. Just have to track one down first to have a lookee at it.
  12. Mine is coming up in 3 years - Shoei XR1000. The liner has that "lived in" odour though ;)
  13. I might have to re-apply sunscreen to mine so I can get a couple more years out of them.
  14. What if your helmet looks like this?
  15. Will there be aftermarket hair for that helmet?

  16. I've got 2 that I wear.
    the new one is dated 1994.
  17. I have just updated my Lazer helmet. It was a 2000 model. Now have a one week old Rjays.