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how old is your bike. ..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tiprat, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. how old is the bike your rideing?? and how many k,s on your speedo..??????my bike is 41 years old,and the speedo stoped working about 15 years ago more or less,im thinking its time to upgrade to a newer bike,,the thing is all the new bikes i take for a test ride dont seem to have what i like .old school thump and sole ,the new bikes are to smooth ,,,,my wife likes the new triumph bonny. but its just not the same as the triumph i have been rideing for the last 24 years

  2. 41 you say? I cant even match that! oldest I have is 29, and 25, they have a combined millage of 160,000ks.
  3. I would love a 50s-60s HD or Triumph, but Im currently riding a bike that is less than 6months lol
  4. Current daily ride is 2yrs and 28,000 kms old.

    Project bike is an amalgam of 23 and 25 yrs old, with a combined kilometerage of over 400,000.
  5. 10 months old and over 20,000K
  6. My Gs500f is just 6 months and 8500 kms..I had an XS650, That was built in 1979..that means it was 13 years old before I got it...I was 14 when it was being ridden by it's first owner! :D
  7. my bike is 2 weeks and 2 days old with a grand total of about 750Ks :)
  8. 20 months old and about 3200kms..
  9. mine is 10 months and 11500kms old
  10. The GSX is 54,000km and 26 years old, the XR only 13 years and 18,000km. The (G4TR project bike) is 39 years and an alleged 8500km old.

    If you want newer but still a bit rorty, then try the big singles - like my XR for example. Its got a good bit of mumbo on tap and is pretty reliable, but still has that raw, pulsating edge to it.

    Have you ridden a new Harley yet?

    Cheers - boingk
  11. My old girl is 32 , shows 140,000 but is closer to 200 as the speedo has been out of service numerous times (once for 7months) in the 25 yrs I've had her
  12. Had my SR500 for a few years, a '78 produced the month before I was born. Mostly had early 80s bikes till now. Why don't you find a nice restored '70s Jap bike. Much more curious innovation and interesting character than the tired old repetitions the Brits were cobbling together at that time. I'd love to add an XS1 and big Suzi GT to my line-up.
  13. Current bike is 2 years and 4,000km old. Previous bike was 10 years and 28,000km old. As for a newer bike with 'soul', I can highly recommend the naked Ducatis and Aprilias (thumping L and V-Twins), the naked Buells would also be a good bet, as would a Benelli TnT (that thing had more 'soul' than I could handle!).
  14. 21 months & 36,000km: just run in :D

    Am I allowed to mention that it's for sale? ;)
  15. Hmm How much?

    Probably too much :cry:
  16. Number 1 bike is 35years old,1975 3C Laverda,no idea how many ks but I have owned it 21 years.Number 2 is 26 years old TL come SL 600 Pantah,its done 28,k.And its had 3 owners from new including me,others good mates.
  17. My bike is a 95 model and now has 41,000 klms. Hubbys is a 96 Triumph Trophy with 126,000 klms and still going strong. Hope mine is going as well with that amount of mileage on the clock.
  18. 15months - 18,000km
  19. Mine just got the key to the house, can legally drink in the United States.....

    Yep 21 years old!
  20. 3 months, 8.5k on the clock. Incidentally, the duration of ownership is the same duration to the day that I've held a license :)