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How often to lube your chain?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by imsleepy, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Hi people, i've searched for this but couldn't find it, i've had my bike for about a month now, just wondering, how often should you lube your chain and how much should you apply to it, i ride it about 3 time a week and i've lubed it once.

    Since the last lube, which was about 2 weeks ago, i've riden it about 5 or 6 times. the last time i lubed it, i rode my bike around and came home seeing lube splatter all over my swinarm and wheels, is that too much?

  2. Someone will probably disagree with this, and certainly it's just my opinion, but I always lube my chain when it's hot (ie, after a ride) and usually once or twice a week. If you've got excess lube splattered all over the back wheel and the back of the bike, you probably are lubing it too much, and probably when cold.....
  3. can't lube it too many times, however you can apply too much!!

    check out the latest "chain oil" discussion in "mechanical, maintainence and appearance"
  4. Light lube every 300-500km. Clean and relube every 1000km. Do not use a lot of lube. Just a light coating is fine. :)

    If the chain looks dirty before 1000km, clean it and re-lube anyway. :wink:
  5. Every second tank of petrol (400-500km). :)
  6. i was told by yamaha dealer to lube my type of chain every 1000km or if wet
  7. Fast light lube every fill of tank (300km). You need to consider the environment your riding in - dirt roads, commuting or occasional riding.
  8. Personally, a quick lub every 2 - 3 tank of fuel.. and a complete clean and lub every month.
  9. i clean and lube every 300 - 350 ks and yes when the chain is hot ie after a ride to make it easier to lube and it holds on better.
    if you clean and lube chain regularly and keep the tension right you will have it for ages.
  10. I'm with Tenoq and Country Cruiser.

    It's up to you: you can lube+clean your chain every single ride and it will last for 50,000+ kms (and you'll be forever cleaning fling off your bike), you can never do anything to it and it will last a few thousand.

    Lube every second tank of fuel and always after rain, and light cleaning every 1000-or so kms, should get you 20,000-30,000kms of chain life on most bikes.

    Lubing a hot chain mainly helps reduce fling.