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How often to change oil filter

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by BugEye, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. So I changed the oil on the weekend but didn't change the filter.
    some one once told me to change the filter every second oil change

    but after thinking about it for a while, a filter only costs around $15
    so might as well do it at the same time no?

    So is it too late to change it now?
    would I loose too much oil if I tried to change just the filter?
    I have just under a liter of new oil left

    I ride a speed triple 1050
    change oil after 5,000km
    was going to service it in another 5,000km

    any thoughts opinions would be great
  2. Traditionally I change mine at each oil change.
    As you say they're cheap and I cant see the point of putting fresh oil through a dirty filter.
    Same with cars too.
    Manufacturers suggest a filter every second change to keep the cost of ownership down mainly.
  3. It should be fine to leave until the next service. Changing it more frequently won't harm anything but your wallet, but as you point out it's not a major expense anyway. Personally though I prefer to use a better quality oil filter (if available) and change it less often (ie at every 2nd oil change).
    The filter's only there to stop the larger debris particles, the finer material is removed when you change the oil. And unless there's something seriously wrong with the engine it usually takes a while before large particles build up to the point that they start clogging or pushing through the filter.

    Edit: Of course spending 20 bucks or so on an engine oil analysis will tell you exactly how often the filter and oil should be changed, but it's something virtually no-one in this country ever does (even though the service is available).
  4. Called Triumph Mechanic
    He said if you're changing the oil it wouldn't hurt to change the filter (considering the price)
    but other wise a change like that is still beter then none and it'll be fine till next service.

    Thanks Doods...
  5. Back when I rode elderly Japanese tackle (late 70s/early 80s bikes), I used to change the filter at the recommended service interval, but I'd drop the oil at half that (or even more frequently). It was accepted wisdom that this would stave off the catastrophic camshaft bearing wear that was the bugbear of many of these engines.

    Seemed to work :grin: .
  6. Every change for me. I buy filters six at a time off teh net, makes them about $6-10 each.
    Mind you, bikes really don't seem to dirty filters up too much.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Who offers the service in Melb JD?

    Found these guys in Sydney: http://www.oilcheck.com.au

    Or you can order your own kit from: http://www.labcheck.com.au/

    While searching for the answer I found this site: http://www.nordicgroup.us/oil.htm ...most things you wanted to know about oil, unfortunately car biased.

    And this site: http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/ that has an online forum AND everything you ever wanted to know about oil... except where to get an anlaysis in Melbourne. lol
  8. Dunno. There used to be a place, though I can't remember their name, and there's no guarantee they're still operating.
    Postage on a sample shouldn't add much to the cost though.