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How often should you clean and lube your chain?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Johnskis, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    I was just wondering how often I should clean and lube your chain? I don't ride often, mostly during the weekend but I've noticed that my chain is getting pretty dirty. I've read the sticky on cleaning the chain: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=111966. Seems easy enough. Just time consuming.

    I have been quoted different time frames. Some people say I should clean and lube every week, fortnight and some say I should not at all and just wait for my service. But if that's the case then I'd only be cleaning and lubing it once a year as I would only do about 6000km per year.

  2. I do mine after every long ride i.e 150 km's plus, and better to do it while chain still warm so just after getting home
  3. Think I need to clean and lube my chain? Also where is a good store to get affordable lube and how much am I looking at? For the clean I think I will just use wd40

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  4. Every 1000 km for a clean and 300 - 400 for a lube, depending on what you use and how you ride and the weather.

    WD40 is ok, but ive gone away from using it to clean my chain due to the residue it leaves. Im sticking with kero ;).

    Me, lube wise though, i run a scottoiler.

    I adjusted the chain for the first time a few days ago, after 8000km ;).
    Since im bored i might go clean it now (is due) and take a couple photos to show the state of the chain after that long with a scottoiler ;).
  5. Needs a clean mate!

    Most service centres or auto stores sell decent chain lube. I've been using Castrol chain lube ($12) and it seems to work fine. Theres all sorts of slick-sounding stuff out there that costs up to $30 per can, but the consensus is that it doesn't really matter what you use just so long as you use it frequently.

    I also lube the chain after a good ride (100km or more) but will not bother if its only the work/home commuting run. The alternative to lubing your chain from a can is to purchase an automatic oiling system, such as a Scottoiler (google it). They (you guessed it) automatically meter lube onto your chain as you ride, prolonging chain life and making things nice & easy for you.

    Cheers - boingk

    PS: Do not use WD40 as it will penetrate behind the chains O-rings and destroy the grease sealed in the bearings. Kerosene will not do this, and will actually help keep the O-rings in good order. Kerosene can be had from most service stations, auto stores, or the local Woolworths/Coles for about $3~5 per litre.
  6. The answer is "more often that you use the search function" [-(
  7. Ok its clean but not oiled yet... and the more disturbing thing i have noticed (this is since the last time i cleaned it of course), my chain clip link is missing 8-[8-[8-[8-[8-[](*,).
    Nice to know my chain has something holding it together hahaha. Better add that to the parts i need to fix the bike up (clutch failed this morning... thread right below yours :p). Right... camera time...
  8. Alright im having to link the pictures from my site because they need to stay large in order to show you whats going on :p.

    There is a little crap on the chain still - fluff from the cloth more then anything. Hey, so im not using silk to wipe it, there will be a few fibres :p.

    This chain has been adjusted once, and both it and the sprockets are ~9000km old.

    Pic 1 = Oh shit where the hell has my chain link clip gone!??!?!?! It was there 400km ago :p.8-[.](*,).:-s.
    Pic 2 & Pic 3 = Cleanliness is next to godliness.
    Pic 4 = the trade off in using a scottoiler - the residual mess. I usually clean all that off at chain cleaning time, but the wind is too cold outside to go playing with water.

    edit: messed up one link.
  9. Damn that scottoiler does leave messy residue :?.

    My race bike gets it's chain cleaned and relubed after every race weekend/track weekend.

    Road bike (when I was still riding it) got a lube every fortnight (100km/week travel) and only clean when I think it is filthy dirty. More often if it's during the rainy days.
  10. never - get a bike with shaft drive
  11. I use Belray, which is amazing stuff, but if you have a nice gold chain which you might like to show off then suggest you use a clear lube, Motul Factory line clear is good. I fond that castrol is just too messy, with it throwing all sorts of gunk o to my undertail
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  13. Need to be a member to see them mate... But mine is in the position the manual dictates ;).
    Also, its set on about 1/3 flow rate at the moment.
  14. I got a workshop to put mine on. The flowrate of mine is half way.

    Here are the pics:

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  15. Sorry for thread hijacking we are doing here Johnskis :p.

    Im pretty certain the tip is meant to be sitting against your sprocket mate ;).
    Its meant to run out onto the sprocket and the centrifical force of it spinning takes the oil to your chain.
    Id say thats why yours isnt messy, and your flowrate is so high - not much is getting to the chain.

    This isnt mine, but mine is in the same spot on my bike.

    Also a thought on flowrate, yours hasnt as much headroom (isnt mounted far above your injector), so the extra setting might be needed to get enough flow too.
  16. The workshop put it there and they said they do scottoilers on a regular basis and were recommended to me by ausit who imports the scottoilers in to AU. Mine is in a similar position to the pic you gave except it's probably 5-10 cm to the left.

    Everytime I touch my chain it seems lubed, the chain doesn't have tight spots and isn't loose so I'd say it's doing it's job.
  17. Checked with Repco and SuperCheap Auto and they don't stock that brand. Where did you get your Scottoiler lube from?

  18. LOL all good mate. I've accidently hijacked a few threads myself.
  19. http://ausit.com.au/ is the aussie importers of scottoiler.
    Its not lube perse, but an automatic chain oiling system.
    Means your chain is almost constantly lubricated, and lasts a lot longer.

    Theres pro's and con's and people love or hate them.
    One thing to remember with them is its no excuse for poor chain maintenance too.
    edit: Eg me noticing my chain master link clip thingy is missing :p. Sometime in the last 400km since i last checked out the chain.

    Sorry for the quality - i couldnt get the stupid camera to focus on the right spot, but Pic5 is where ive got my injector set up. You can see the smooth shiny ring its made on the sprocket from rubbing against it for ~9000km.
    Im not sure ausit ever actually set one up if they have the injector hanging in mid air?
  20. Yeah, thats the link. I think its about $200~250 for the setup?

    - boingk

    EDIT: Second picture on their scrolling site background is of the nozzle against the sprocket: [link]