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How often netriders see each other?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by steltzer, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Just a thought as I was hitting the spur today. How many guys from netrider do I see every now and then? how big is this community we are apart of? It makes me think. i know i have seen nickers bike once and a few other guys, but only in retrospect, not at the time, makes you think huh.

  2. Join some of the organized runs and you,ll hook up with some great folks. I've also had the pleasure of seeing some of them on unrelated rides.
    Ps I've a NR sticker on the back of my lid so it's easier to notice
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  3. You need to learn the secret hand signals of the inner sanctum :)
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    And the special nod....
  5. :jerk: <--- Ive seen this one around quite a bit?
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  6. What time did you do spur. I arrange a group ride early morning start yesterday had close to 20 bikes in the group.
    I ride with my mentor who is a member when she has a chance and I bumped into a member onces at SPurs as he stopped for a smoko.
  7. Often see random netriders in Marysville and Healesville, either side of the Spurs.
  8. I was up there at about 11:30ish
  9. We got into Healsville at 11.30 we came in via Gembrook, Launchpad, reefton way
  10. Netrider has several 'types' of users.

    There are inveterate posters, like me, who are very public, both on-line and on rides; for better or worse we're pretty recognisable.

    Then there is a huge group of people who may well be logged on all the time, but who rarely, or sometimes, never, post; they just read and enjoy the forum. I've had lots of riders when I've been on organised rides who say that they read about the ride, and decided to turn up. Many of them post no comment about the ride when it's over either; they're just more private people. On any ride there could be a few or a lot of people like this, and unless you asked the specific question, you'd never know.

    And there is a reasonable number of people on Netrider, some even members, who don't even own a bike, or want to, but they enjoy to community and the shared interests.

    As I said, all you have to do is ask when you meet people. And a sticker on the bike, or the helmet, is a good place to begin :LOL:.
  11. sacrilegious heathen :)
  12. Possibly seen in riding or when they are working at maccas in gladstone (know one of you does :p), never in an organised sense...
  13. Hornet is right.

    I've gotten to meet fair number of NR riders over the years by attending rides and just bumping into groups of them here n there.
    I confess that I know them mostly by their bike. (got a head like a sieve, and I forget names easily)

    I I have my NR name on my bike, so I sometimes get the , "oh, YOU'RE raven!... :)) but I'm fairly quiet about things otherwise. Usually too focussed to notice others, while I'm on the move.

    But look at my avatar, if it's under 25c, that's what I'll look like. Otherwise I'm in draggins and a mesh upper for the heat. And if you do spot me, I'm quite easy going and friendly, so say hello. :)
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  14. Well being out in the country Im yet to meet any netriders here. But when I lived in the gong there were a few about. In general most riders Ive met, whether they are netriders or not, are pretty happy to chat about bikes.
  15. As little as possible lol.
    Most of my riding is to and from work I don't have a lot of time for social rides but there are a few I see quite regularly
  16. I am hopefully going to meet more and more at Monday night coffee and then get involved in some more group rides..
  17. Beware of the netrider curse on those group rides. Every single one I've been on, someone has come off. So I only ride alone or with close friends now.
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  18. I met quite a few on the Ride to the Sea.... but haven't had a chance to meet up again.

    I must admit though... every bike I pass on the rode I ask myself... "Wonder if they're a member???". Didn't want to chase them down and ask cause I'd seem like a stalker ! :rofl:
  19. I have a core group of friends I ride with and trust them implicitly, some are still netriders and others have moved onto other forums, I have met a few more over they eats when we would have the Christmas barbies but as with anything generational change and family commitments meant I don't meet up with netriders as often any more

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  20. It happens, that's for sure. But really...it's a lot less often than you make it sound.
    I've been on lot's of rides, where there were no problems at all.

    But riding with mates is great fun to.