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How often does someone mistake a ute for a F1 car

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robbie55, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Ford is looking to sue Ferrari for the use of the F150 name. Ferrari have adopted the name for its current F1 car.


    Given the huge difference between these two "cars" and the fact that you would have to be so incredibly lucky to even get to stand beside an F1 surely this is nothing short of another means of advertising for Ford or perhaps both of them.
  2. Ferarri should sue Ford for putting red stripes on their F150
  3. Ferrari should bring out a model called an F-Zero-RD, which is written as "F0-RD".
  4. It's more about the trademark than the look of the car.

    Like Ford couldn't call their latest pickup truck the Enzo or 458.
  5. Both companies have a history of being unethical gits*.

    I've no sympathy with either.

    * Ferrari do it with more style though :D.
  6. More importantly, who cares?
  7. Ford has never forgiven Ferrari for the aborted buy-out in the 60s....
  8. Possibly but it was funny...
  9. Intellectual property is a huge industry in the US. It's moved away from the concept that intellectual property laws are simply there to protect your right to the revenue from your original idea, to intellectual property laws actually being a primary source of revenue. Companies register stuff for the sole purpose of cleaning up financially.