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How often do you wash your riding gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by grim32, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. Hi guys just curious about this, i wash my pants and gloves every ride or two but usually wash my jacket every 4-5 rides. I just throw the jacket in the washing machine but dont like to do it that often because it says not to on the tag, its a dririder with the inserts on the ebows,shoulders and back.
    How else could you wash a jacket?

  2. I've not washed ANY of my stuff yet. As gross as that sounds, I've only done maybe 200kms in it all.

    & I haven't sweated in any of it really. I wear my draggins over my shorts on the way to work & a top under my jacket. & you're not really meant to wash leather... So I discovered with my watch last week.
  3. draggins - often enough

    leathers - never, in 12 years.
  4. I wear clothes under my bike gear. I wear the clothes once, then wash. Haven't washed my bike gear once yet. Don't think it would even fit in my washing machine.
  5. The Draggins I have washed once in nearly a year of riding.

    The leathers, just a wipe down with a damp rag then rub some Renapur into it whenever I feel like it.
  6. Mine got washed the other day when I got caught in rain. :p
  7. it's funny, i don't wash my draggins as often as i do a normal pair of jeans.
  8. My Draggins have been washed once in the 3 months that I've had them. My other bike gear gets washed every time it gets rained on.
  9. Cool, i dont feel like such a grub now :p
  10. Draggins = weekly

    Jackets = twice in 3yrs, or more importantly when the wife wasn't home to catch me using the new washing machine to wash em.
  11. Draggins = every 3 days or so... I wear them all day at work too! ;->

    My leather jacket I REALLY need to figure out how to wash, as with the recent days of sunshine I've been sweating in it a LOT and it's starting to really reek when I wear it.

    Even though I hang it up to air out whenever I'm not wearing it.

    Maybe I'll have to chuck it in front of the clothes dryer or something - with jacket insides towards the dryer vent - to ensure the inside gets a thorough airing?
  12. Haven't washed anything yet! :LOL: :grin:

    Not as bad as it sounds though since jacket is just mesh and I wear stuff underneath. And Jeans are semi-new. They're due for a wash though.. Might be washing helmet liner though if its possible. You can wash leather gloves now? lol
  13. I just treat my leathers with leather conditioner every couple of weeks. My Hornee jeans get washed as needed (not often!)
  14. wash draggins almost every week or when the Mrs complains about them walking about without me :LOL:

    jacket, only cleaned the outside and washed the liner. I think it could do with a wash inside though...
  15. Leather all round. NEVER washed (except rain). Jacket bought new in 1981 it gets some "dubbin" when I remember. Pants replaced after "being used" (big time) in '01 they just get "dubbin" too.
    I might add that I wear street clothes underneath and they get washed after each wear :grin:
  16. Um I wash my draggins once a week, I do wear them everyday for about 3 hours on the bike.

    Leather jacket gave is a clean with some leather stuff about twice in 12 months. Has got white on the jacket so a wipe over with a rag every now and then.

    Boots give them a polish every few months.

    I wouldn't be washing a textile jacket at all, maybe a hose down on the line every now and then would be it.
  17. Pretty much the same as nobby - jackets, liners and non-draggin pants- usually on the formula of when they start following me around, and i'm not wearing them, then it's time for a wash. :grin:
  18. I love the way some people make it a point that they wear clothing underneath their riding gear... does this mean that there are some people out ther who don't wear anything at all?? :D
  19. I give my Dainese jacket a thorough cleaning with one of their cleaning kits about once a month. Put some of the cleaner on a sponge and get it foamy, then go over the jacket. After it's dried I apply the conditioner. Takes about an hour to do (not including drying time) but it comes out looking and feeling great.

    It's impossible to 'wash' the inside of the jacket (except around the wrists and collar) because of a non-removable mesh that covers the leather.

    As a result, I always wear the removable thermal liner, even in hot weather, to protect the jacket itself. I wash this by hand every fortnight or so, depending on how much I've been riding.