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How often do you use your horn (ooer missus)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DeeCubed, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Every day: it's a jungle out there man.

  2. Once a month: I use the power to get me out of trouble

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  3. Never: Horn button? We don't need no stinkin' horn button!

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  1. Seriously, how often do you use the horn?
    Me? I split and filter through 40Kms of rush hour traffic every day and find myself using the horn daily. :grin:
    "Consider the use of the horn" was also a part of the System in which I was taught to ride AND I've got a 139dB Stebel Nautilus so I'm looking for an excuse really :grin: :p

  2. At one stage I considered replacing the horn button with a nitrous button (me with nitrous would=death :grin: ). That should tell you how often I use it.
  3. Very rarely, usually to say hello and goodbye ...
  4. I think twice in 12 mths. By the time I get around to consider using it, I'm long gone from the scene. Course one time I did want to use it, I ended up switching on my blinkers instead, sigh.
  5. Probably once a month or so when someone pulls out on me, or when (as the other night) some ^%*^$ sits in the right hand lane right beside other cars all the way home and stops me overtaking. I seriously need to upgrade to one-a those Stebel thingies, 'cos the stocker is so pathetically lame I may as well not even bother.
  6. Probably about once a month and that's only when i accidentally press it after scratching my nose or adjusting something at traffic lights and put my hand back on the handle bar!!!
  7. I commute into the city 5 days a week.. There are stupid people out there that need to be told off, and thats what I use my horn for. Horns generally don't help in sticky situations so when I use it its 95% scolding or greeting/goodbye.
  8. I accidently use mine to cancel the indicators sometimes :LOL:
    Its always a good WTF moment for the car in front.
  9. Maybe once a year, I rarely get surprised as I expect every one to do the wrong thing so I don't have Oh shugar moments, I just shake my head & say to myself yeah I new you were gunna do that!
  10. Most bike horns are not much more than an Electric Mouse.
  11. Anytime there is any diic hed factor, I let me know & I stay on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Besides the hello/hey look at that! signals to fellow riders, I try and stop just in before an ipod zombie crosses in between stopped cars while I'm splitting up. Then blast the fcuker when he steps out in front of me.

    I'm entitled to do this. One of those fcukers cost me $3k
  13. Only use the horn when there is a hot chick walking down the road..
  14. Also have the stebel horn - and I use it to scare pakis white, and make chinese people have big round eyes (apologies to anyone I offend, not really racist, just making a point as to who is usually the offender).

    Commute daily 21klms each way in traffic, and if they cant hear me coming (1800 twin, debaffled), they soon know where I am.

    Merging cars from the monash onto FTG rd are the usual offenders, as it seems the road rules have been altered so that when you exit the freeway, you are permitted to cross 3 lanes of traffic to turn right at springvale rd, and you have right of way, and you dont even have to look.
    BMW drivers or cressida drivers are the worst, followed by any type of camry. Look for the dangly thing in the front window (red string, some sort of card/hanging device), and start avoiding them.
    My fave is the disco ball, that combined with the setting sun, will destroy any vision you might have!.

    Sometimes a month will go by without using the horn, other times, 3 times a day.
  15. You mean the third indicator?
    I find that there can be weeks when I don't use it, then I can have a day of using it all the time. As a general rule I am using it to tell someone they have F#$ked up though because of being proactivly evasive it wouldn't have caused me danger. When things cause real danger, I have more important things on my mind.
    Basicly if I think someone is about to do something stupid. i take a quick look in the mirrors to see what space I have around me as I set up over both breaks, the clutch and the horn. So as the breaks go on and the clutch comes in, the horn goes on.
  16. i use the pipes on the mt-01. you shouldnt use your horn to get people to "move" out of your way becouse your splitting. if they come into your lane, sure, use it. if theres a hot chick, give her a toot too, but using it becouse your an ignorant twit wanting to illegally get thru traffic is bullsh*t and you will just give drivers another reason to hate us.
  17. +1 what falcon-lord said.

    It's a bit random but reasonably regularly mostly to stop people
    moving into my lane etc or to let them know they're an f-wit.

    My priorities are avoid first, make noise about 2nd.
    I don't trust cagers to hear my horn, nor to know where it's coming
    from, nor to do the right thing if they do hear it etc.

    I will normally avoid and honk at the same time, but some of those
    idiots will look you in the eye and then keep on coming at you.
    That's when the BOOT-of-DENTING+1 comes out. Sometimes
    that even doesn't work, and then it becomes (as Professor Frink says)
    the pain and the smashing and the damage and the blood and the
    police and the ambulance and oy vey glayven etc.

    Note to self: current bike has crap horn. Fit a better one.
  18. Car reply - I rev the tits off my car like a dickhead, people pay more attention, most people that require you to beep at them always get beeped at cos they can't drive so they tune out the sound, revs make me look like a mad dude (yes i realise most people actually think i look like dickhead) and they notice it more
  19. When cagers do stupid things, I'm usually too busy taking evasive action to worry about pressing the horn, plus me shouting through my helmet is probably louder anyway!
  20. I tried that once, cager paid no attention, we crashed, passerby said to
    the cops I was revving and therefore must have been a
    speeding hooligan and I got blamed for the whole thing, on top
    of the injuries and insurance bill. [edit] this was someone who backed
    out of their driveway onto the street in front of me. [/edit] [/rant]