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How Often do you think of Motorcycles/riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kaer, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Every 5 minutes or less

  2. Every 5-10 minutes

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  3. Every 10-15 minutes

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  4. Every 30 minutes

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  5. Every Hour

  6. A few times a day

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  7. Once a day

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  8. Once a week

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  9. Once a month

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  1. At pub trivia last night. One of the questions was "How long does the average man go without thinking about sex?". The answer was 7 minutes.

    I easily go 2-4 hours without thinking about sex.

    On the other hand, I must admit I think about riding/bikes every 15 minutes or so (if not more).

    So how about you?
  2. Yeah, but how often do you think about sex on a motorbike???
  3. Sex ON a motorbike or sex WHILE ON a motorbike? because i think the latter would be mighty uncomfortable when your pressed up against the tank. 8-[
  4. at the moment i can't stop thinking about kiteboarding.. but i sold all my gear to buy the ZZR, so i'm also thinking about gambling to raise funds for new kiting gear :? :p so much for saving for a 600.
  5. Huh..I thought riding a motorcycle was sex? am I missing something?
  6. Anyone who says that *anything* is better than sex just isn't doing it right.

    No idea how you'd be struggling with the technique, the internet is full of instructional videos...
  7. I go to uni during the week so during lectures I have to keep my mind on the task at hand (usually sleeping). When i'm not catching 40 winks during a molecular biology lecture, i'm thinking about riding pretty much every 10 minutes.

    It’s most definitely an obsession :D
  8. ohh all the time - at work im looking at bikes, seeing if the weather is decent enough to go riding, looking at new things to buy. Man its an expensive hobby
  9. Why bother going to lectures if you're going to sleep through them? I did comp sci and only attended lectures I bothered paying attention in, which averaged about 2 hours worth a week. The rest of the time was spent playing basketball and having fun. Much better use of my time!

  10. I bother going to lectures because:

    1. I don't intend on falling asleep, it just happens becaus some of my lectures are just damn boring.

    2. I have read that even if your in a dazed state (eg. the "sitting up" asleep that I get all the time) in a lecture, 20% of the information still sticks in your head. 20% is better than 0% IMO haha!
  11. Heh, fair enough. My method was based on the path of least resistance. I did the absolute minimum I could get away with through the year (just enough to be able to complete the assignments), then learnt the semesters material a day or two before the exam. I'm a hopeless bludger and wouldn't recommend my method, but I finished with a credit average doing it this way.
  12. A few times a day for me
  13. Sex or bikes? :)
  14. I love riding my bike in my dreams too.

    :D :D :D :D :D
  15. working in a bike shop means 24/7 :D
  16. Bikes - Sex either or :p Even manage to think about one whilst doing the other :LOL: or whilst I'm doing other things, no wonder I'm not getting enough work done :roll: thats lots then - yep - its an obsession :shock: