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How often do you service your bike??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by firefling, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. I've heard a number of disturbing reports of people not servicing their bikes even to the extent of never servicing it. It seems to run rampant through the 250 riders although I have heard of one or two cases with owners of bigger capacity bikes. And this does not mean replacing worn parts eg chain and sprockets.

    The worst part is that the riders expect their bikes to work 100% of the time and then blame the bike when it breaks down. I have no sympathy for those people if their bike breaks down in a ride.

    So the question remains, how often do you service your bike?
  2. Every 6,000 k's or every 3 months, which ever comes first.
  3. Ditto.
  4. That seems to be the idea from all the bike shops I've been too.
  5. My bike has had an oil change every 3000k's and a full service every 10000ks since it had 19000k's on the clock.

    It now has close to 119000k's and is in superb shape because the previous owner and I have stuck to that ritual.

    I might also add that that 100000k's of servicing has all been done by the same mechanic and that is a significant factor wehn looking at servicing as well.
  6. I do minor servicing every 3000ks (replace oil+filter, clean air filter and spark plugs, plus other inspections) and a major service every 12000ks.

    Valve clearances/shims done every 24000ks
  7. Bond gets a minor every 6,000k's & a major every 24,000 & yes I have the same mechanic every time!
  8. Ditto on the Hornet, BG, and even though I could do it myself, and cheaper, I pay Trevor Jordans in Wollongong to do it every time. By supporting them, I ensure that they will be around to support me. And guess what, that system works!

    Yesterday I took the Hornet in first thing because the fuel line from the tap to the splitter hose had gone porous and was leaking. Half an hour later the mechanic dropped the keys on the table of the coffee shop next door, where I was have a cuppa with NightRider. All done! How much, I asked? Don't worry about it mate, you bought it here and always bring it back to us, was the reply!
    I rest my case!
  9. I bore witness to this and was quite impressed. Even after Phil offered to pay, after already been told it was free, they were adament he was not going to pay a cent!! They've looked after me pretty well so far too and i've just been purchasing gear. I'm sure you can all guess where i will be getting my services done once i have my bike :)
  10. My bike is serviced virtually every 5000kms, as per the book. Interval can vary between 1 - 6 months. I wish to avoid any preventable problems. Not that my wishes are always granted... :D
  11. The ducati monster owners manual states the oil should only be changed every 10,000 klicks. I don't really agree with that myself (and can't comment as my duke still ain't rideable :) )

    But general consensus is every 5,000 klicks oil change.

  12. I have noted before when this issue was raised that servicing, and especially the oil change interval is not black and white.

    Your handbook assumes the optimum period for oil changes but this should be seen as a guide only.

    If you are doing a lot of short-run rides, commuting, etc. then you oil degrades MUCH faster than it does if you are doing long runs, touring, scratching. If this is the case, you should change your oil more frequently. So if it says 5000k's but most of your miles are stop-start city riding, reduce this to 3000k's

    Yes, it will cost more, but not as much as a major engine overhaul does.
  13. i tend to do an oil change every 3000ish with a filter every second change. full service is done when i buy the bike and then again probably every 3-4 oil changes. (no more than 12000kms)

    probably a bit pedantic, but i like my bike to run well and cant bear the thought of stuffing a motor :(

    i CRINGED when i saw my old thundercat last, 8000+ kays without so much as a chain lube :shock: if you see this roderz, LOOK AFTER MY (ex) BABY!! :wink:
  14. as per the handbook or when they call me
  15. Personally I would suggest as a bare minimum what is recommended by the manufacturer. If the bike is second hand then regardless of what documentation the bike has with it, I do a major service and change all fluids. That is just so that I can be sure. A service manual may say coolant changed every 20000 kms or 12 months (just an example - I know these can vary etc) which ever comes first. Say the bike now has 32000 kms on it, how do you know for sure the coolant was changed 12000 kms ago?The service book may be stamped, but that doesnt mean everything was done as per the schedule unless I have done the servicing myself, then I am a non believer. I do set high standards when it comes to servicability of bikes, and that is because they need to be high. I just factor the costs in when buying a bike. The labour is my own, and so parts, fluids etc are not that expensive generally speaking. Personally if you cannot afford to service it, you should not be riding it. When I'm strapped for cash I just dont ride it! If I had to I would use public transport. But as I say im just fussy. If you dont know for sure find a mechanic that you are prepared to trust your life with.

    Just as very qick example:
    Last major service on a GPX250 (EX250)
    Change all fluids (oil,coolant,brake)
    Check and adjust valve clearances
    Inspect all lines (fuel, brake etc)
    Inspect brakes and check
    Check all lights,switches and signals
    Check and lube all suspension rear suspension points
    Clean, check and replace front forks and oil.
    Replace battery
    check and adjust chain
    Sync carbs (and clean)
    Check all bolts etc
    Check tyres and pressure
    Check steering head bearings
    Lube cables etc
    Replace air filter element
    Test ride
    Cant remember what else to be honest

    Oil and filter $45
    Brake fluid $6
    Battery $40
    Fork oil $10
    Coolant $12
    Air filter element $8
    Total cost of parts $121

    Labour would depend on whom you are paying.
    This is just an example only.

    A minor service would be no more than $60. Remembering the GPX's only use 2 litres of oil and you could use much cheaper oil if you wished. Without wanting to start an oil thread, I use an oil I am happy with.

    End of rant!!

  16. 3000km inc. oil filter for the GPX. Major service... well it's only had one so far, @ 30,000km. I'll give it another major before sale time.
  17. Every 5000kms (my choice, especially now it is getting a little older)

    :D :D :D
  18. I should elaborate here, mine is a 1998 model. At that stage, the oil and filter etc changes were at 5,000km. Seems to have worked as I've made it 84,000km, without major hassles. Touch wood.
    A few years later, they changed the recommendation to 10000km.
    Some cynical Ducatista say it was a marketing ploy. :wink:
  19. Double ditto, and they both seem to coincide, tyres seem to be a rear every service and a front every major service (12,000KM).
  20. service every 6000kms, oil and oil filter every 3000kms