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How often do you ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Hicksey11, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. As the title says. Explain how many days a week you ride, how far you ride etc.

    Just thought this would be a bit of fun.

    I ride to school everyday. It's about 5km there and back, so not that far. But I do go for a hoon around town nearly every afternoon.
    If I had a bike in better condition than my ZZR, I probably wouldn't ride it everyday, just to keep it nice.
    Is this why people involved in bikes have more than 1 bike? One for an every day commuter, one weekend bike and a bike for long trips (like weekend trips etc).


  2. last year when i was in year 12 id ride to n from every day. was bout 15k's each way.

    there days if i need to get somewhere, i ride. so 2-5 times a week i guess. i also go out 2 or 3 times for the fun of it, or to practice technique etc.

    people have more than 1 bike for all sorts of reasons. a commuter and a fun bike, a dirty n a roady, one that was a project, a collection, it differs :)

  3. Anyday that isn't raining, or unless I have to use the cage.
  4. 400km worth of to and from work every week, plus any runs to the shops or to visit my parents, and then my weekend runs through the hills to improve my cornering.

    Usually 500-700km per week.
  5. I ride every day, all year and in all weather to wherever I have to go and whenever I have time I just ride for the sake of riding. I no longer have a car and if you gave me one I would sell it. In a normal week I guess I do about 300-400kms a week.
  6. harden up, If i had a nice bike like a MV, it wouldn't stop me riding everyday. Bikes are for riding not posing :roll: :LOL:

    actually if I had a blimming nice bike, I'd be goin up the hills everyday to enjoy its awesomeness.
  7. I commute every day, and try to get out most weekends (though not as successful on that as I would like)
  8. I cannot understand that line of thinking. People who buy bikes and don't ride them, or cars that they don't drive, because they want to "keep them nice".

    If you don't want to ride it, why buy it?
  9. You've got a good point there. Yeah stuff it.

    I love riding to school everyday because when everyone is leaving they all look over at your starting the bike up and I always give it a bit of stick before I ride off. :grin: :grin:

  10. I average 500km a week.
  11. Ride everyday, rain hail or shine.
  12. When I upgraded to my nicer bike I rode it way more than my older one because it is so much more fun :p

    keep it looking nice by cleaning it, simple.
  13. I will average once a month this year. :(

    But I make it a good ride. :grin:
  14. every day to and from work - shops - gym etc and weekends for fun. All up say bout 3 - 400k's depending on how big w/end ended up

    weather conditions ~ rain, high wind, small hail or shine. so all excepting those mini cyclone conditions (unless its a tail wind)

    edit - some weekends 500+
  15. 500 kms a week commuting. Then anything on top is an extra bonus. :LOL:
  16. everyday, if my bike agrees to start. everything is pretty close to me so i only do about 200-300ks a week. considering selling the car but ill see how i cope with winter first
  17. I ride daily to and from work a measely 8 k's a day and whenever its dry i'll go for a joy ride of about 40-100k's
  18. Do it! One less cager on the road. If an arthritic grandmother like me can ride all winter, you can :grin:
  19. i ride to work every day no matter the weather and leave the car for the wife and kidlets, plus ride all weekend for fun, bought my latest bike in mid december and have clocked up 10,000km so far can't wait to double triple and quadruple it i am either riding or wanting to ride :woot:
  20. I do 200km's commute Mon-Fri (in total, not per day). Then whenever the mood takes me on the weekend. This is my first road bike and I have owned it since mid Jan and clocked 2000 on it the other day. Would be more but I used to live closer to work up until a few weeks ago.
    I do own a car but as it is a restoration project as well as my only form of transport other than the bike I tend to ride everywhere I need to go.