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How often do you ride your love?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dmrmgl, Nov 27, 2013.

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    Personally I ride mine everyday.

    Distance may vary from 3km to 50km and I have done just over 3500km since i got my bike in August
    Wonder how often and how much KM other riders ride their bike.

    Sorry in advance if it has been discussed before.

  2. I started off riding her as often as I could but after a few years it slowed down to once every few weeks...Oh...umm, your talking about your bike...

    In that case I started off riding her as often as I could but after a few years...
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  3. used to ride the GPX every day, usually at least 500km a week, more if joyrides were taken on the weekend (up to 1000km). Now I don't commute on the new Z because my workplace is too dirty/dangerous to park it there, so weekend joyrides only.
  4. I use to ride every day, to work and back and when I wasn't working, I'd be down at the strip racing, practicing my cornering, or out at the hills. Not at all since I finished my car though, actually, I don't even drive that. The 250 bores me I guess.
  5. Every day to and from work. And I ride every weekend as well. I get ansty if I can't ride for whatever reason. If I have a bad day at work I head out for a ride around Lake Mac to clear my head.
  6. Everyday. I've done about 25,000 since getting my bike in April/May. The excitement is slowly growing old now though. But, I don't own a car.
  7. Don't make me slap you. Kms. Doofus.
  8. Oh slap me slap me please please
  9. I've had my L's for 15 days...... I've ridden everyday for 15 days....... Conclusion....... I can see the attraction and dangers to riding. On my first ride I was blown off the lights by an elderly lady driving Hyundai, on my first ride on the road I found drivers who had cut me off, would not make eye contact or offer any remorse. Sorry I'm getting off topic......
    I ride everyday. Love it.

  10. I own a car... but... I can't stand driving because I'd rather ride. Traffic is so chaotic, and too many delays when in a cage. So, basically I will ride - daily to and from work, to the shops and back, for a spin to clear the mind, any time I can.
  11. As often as possible but especially when I need to clear all the noise of life away.

  12. Yeah, it's amazing how riding has that effect...
  13. Not often enough lately. Every weekend but mostly just short trips around town.

    It was 1300-1600 kms a week up until July. Some of them were arduous but most of them were enjoyable.

    This year, after going in and out of Melbourne five days straight, I couldn't be bothered going in again to watch the footy a couple of times so I guess it was starting to wear me down a bit.

    I'm being stay home daddy right now so I'm getting a break from it and next year it will be a shorter ride so I am looking forward to getting back on it every day.
  14. Every day, no car means the daily commute and weekend shop.
    Pity the joyride and day trips here are limited, just wish the commute was longer.
  15. Every week day been averaging about 110km a day lately. Don't get out on the weekends as often as I would like.

    Doing a 5,000 km oil and fiter change today, picked up the bike new in mid July.

    Cheers Jeremy
  16. as often as she lets me.... but she usually has a headache so i've got motorbikes.
  17. Daily. Love the ride.
  18. All the time, I don't have a car, I sold it over a year ago because cages just don't feel right to me. I have a V Star 650 for a year and did over 10,000km on it in that time. I suspect it'll be much the same for my Virago 1100 that I now ride :D
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  19. Someone only mentioned something similar to me the other week.

    A 'what do you reckon' type question. (Has no correct answer; however, got me thinking about different riders.:)

    If you had three riders, that all ride around 15000km per year, who would be more statistically at risk of crashing? (exposure to hazards Vs Experience gained)

    Rider 1: Commutes 5 days a week, on the same stretch of road, dealing with traffic during peak times; riding around 15k a year.

    Rider 2: Weekend rider, riding most weekends, various routes out of town through the hills, with or without mates; riding around 15k per year.

    Rider 3: Does three rides a year for up to a couple of weeks at a time (Avg 5000km per trip, all over the country, including riding through major cities and various country landscapes on offer here in Oz. Does 15k per annum.

    I know there are many variables; however, lets keep it simple,
    same age, skill set, bike suitable to the task.
    Hazards: Road conditions, weather conditions, terrain type, wildlife, other traffic, fatigue...etc

    Sorry about the thread jacking, thought this was relevant in a way.

  20. I've only been riding for a bit over a month now but I ride every day I can as long as it's not torrential rain. Done 2500kms now in just over a month.