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How often do you have to use your horn?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Azamakumar, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. I don't use the horn in the car anywhere near as much as on the bike. Frequency of use increases as I get closer to the city. So I'm wondering, is it poor roadcraft on my part or are there just that many clowns who don't bother looking for bikes?

  2. yeah, some people just dont see bikes, then its your fault for being there haha. i try to not touch my horn on the bike, just ride around the cagers mistakes.

    sometimes using a horn could make them do something unexpected, rather than just dealing with what they've done, if that makes sence
  3. I dont I have used my horn once on my ZZR. Most of the time when an 'incident' happens, I am glad I am still on my bike and a little bit panicked. Plus, my bike horn is so weak anyway I figure with windows up and music playing, the person in car cant hear me anyway.
  4. As often as I can
  5. I don't use my horn at all on either the bike or car, one thing I've noticed is that no matter how hard you press that button it doesn't slow the bike/car down at all...
  6. You're waisting your time trying to use your horn...put your time cycles into control and avoidance instead... That way you take cotrol of the situation, instead of hoping somone else will IF they here your horn and are alert, smart enough to know what it means..

  7. I can't count how many times (car and bike) using the horn has done nothing more than make the other driver look at you was they continue to do whatever they were doing anyway...

    Good story tho... I was in the cage with the three kids... I was in the gutter lane, passing slow cars in the center... changed back into the center lane and then a car doing the same thing from the outside lane took my nose off... I almost pushed the horn through the wheel as I was jamming on the brakes... damn old Falcons (I reckon Falcon drivers are far worse than Volvos)...

    Stopped a few set of lights later, the same falcon comes up the empty gutter lane and stops beside me and starts to say something... expecting the usual arrogant Sydney driver attitude, I mouthed a big "F^CK OFF!!!!" and waved him off (kids in the car)... He says "hey, I just wanted to say sorry"...

    Then I felt like a d!ck all day for telling him to "f^ck off" :rofl"

  8. I have only ever used the horn on a bike when leaving work. where I park at the back of the shop there is an alley going onto the road which is blinded either side by a building and a fence. so use it just incase a pedestrian is coming along
  9. :grin:

    I think some people are getting the wrong idea, probably because I made a mess of the thread title. I'm not saying I use it as a last resort, to stave of vampires and all that, rather that it helps me get noticed more by the idiots, as does giving the bike a rev. Never had to come close to anyone thats pulled out/cut me off, so that means at least I'm leaving a decent enough buffer, right?

    Just wanting to know if I need to work on my positioning on the road more or should just have concrete for breakfast and get used to it.
  10. Every time I accidentally hit it after canceling my indicators ;) lol
  11. A horn upgrade is pretty much required from the novelty sized horns on small bikes.

    Supercheap/autobarn/autopro etc have large car sized horns that should be a direct swap on the standard mount for ~20 bucks

    No excuse to have a non working horn!
  12. Put air horns on the bike, extra sound does make a difference at times....
  13. thats exactly what i was trying to get at mate, well said.
  14. I use it when some twonk thinks putting an indicator on means they dont need to headcheck and that it gives them right of way to merge. While I have always been able to avoid getting hit because of my buffering I still blow the horn just to let them know it was my skill that avoided the accident, not theirs. Most of the time the horn stops them merging as they are ignorant rather than arrogant so I get the satisfaction of safely passing them instead. As for how frequent it is, probably every 2nd time Im on the bike in the city its used once.
  15. Haha, that happens to me too.
  16. I used to use it a bit when I first got on the bike, but it's decreased ever since... I can't recall the last time really.

    When I first got on, I only really used it approaching intersections where there was (for example) a car turning right AND left, next to each other, so the car going left couldn't see very well. If the left car lurched forward at all, I'd give a quick blip and that would stop them. Now I just ride into visibility if I can, or prepare to brake / accelerate, as necessary :)
  17. Ditto although I've beeped a few cars here and there for their stupidity.
  18. I use it after I've avoided an incident, to ensure the other road user know they might need to pay more attention.
  19. I use it a fuk load.

    When i'm TEC for the ride... :LOL:

    Seriously, hardly every, as port80 said, after someone nearly wipes me out, but usually that involves me pulling up next to them and yelling louder then my horn. Other then that, horn's don't do s%& for bikes I say... Get out of there first, then deal with the stupid cager... (unless its wild life related like scaring stuff off the road etc).
  20. +1 for the ol' dodge n' tap! :LOL:

    Personally i've neglected my horn for a long time. If you do the dodge n' tap you take your concentration away from a new situation that could arise.