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How often do you get a serious scare?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Every time I ride, or a couple of times a week

  2. Maybe once a week or so

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  3. Maybe something like once a month

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  4. Maybe a couple of times a year

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  5. Very rarely, hard to remember the last one

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  1. This kind of takes off from a number of discussions we've had here, but I'm not sure I've seen it quite this way before, and I hope it's interesting/useful. I'll kick a poll in there too to make it look all quantitative and convincing. ;)

    How often do you get a serious scare on the bike? I'm not talking just an annoyance, like the lady who went straight through the roundabout the other day and made me stand it up a bit and slow down to miss her but it was all pretty slow, but something that seriously gets your heart racing and has potential for an accident. Obviously your milage will vary, and your ticker may be tougher than someone else's, but I'm interested in the general prevalence.

    Not in the poll, but in the thread, it's probably useful to mention how much you ride and under what circumstances (i.e. daily commute in traffic vs weekend twisties or whatever).
  2. Every time I log onto Netrider! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. LOL - nice!
  4. Couple of times a year.

    I don't commute on a bike, so when I'm riding it's fast & fun & far away from people in cars.
  5. I commute on the bike 3 or 4 times a week (45 km round trip, mix of arterial roads, freeway riding and CBD streets), and go on occasional weekend rides (city and country).

    I've only been riding for a couple of years, but I've been driving since 1979 with only one car accident (in 1982, when an idiot U-turned her husband's new panel van into my path).

    On the bike I've had a few incidents that have received my full and immediate attention (!), but nothing that's actually scared me or worried me.

    Hmmm, maybe I'm not trying hard enough... :LOL:
  6. Motorcycle is my only form of transport, Ride nearly everyday, rain, hail or shine, I can say that ive never had a scare, I guess when you expect it to happen it doesn't affect you as much, im my opinion.

    Ive been riding 2 years and been through it all, except ending up in hospital.
  7. I ride to work every day, so my response was once a month.

    Every week, I have a minor annoyance - the dickhead who changes lanes without looking, but I catch it in time & avoid getting hit.

    monthly is the clown who runs a red light & realises 1/2 way through, suddenly brakes & just stares at me, or the moron who pulls out of a side street without looking & I nearly end up inside their back window.
  8. It was closer to daily when I first started riding.

    And now that I've gained more experience, better road riding skills, defensive skills, its not so bad.

    Probably because I hardly do big rides on twisties - I think I'd register 1 every minute on those!
  9. Same for me, when I first started every day was a near death experience.. well not really but it seemed like it at the time. Now if something happens I notice that I react to it but stay calm at the same time, don't know why.. Obviously haven't had any massive scares. I feel at home on twisties (apart from when coming around a blind corner and a car is half in my lane).

    I commute to city and back 3 days a week and thats when I have the most scares, despite my very defensive driving reacting in advance to anything that could happen.
  10. I ride four or five times a week (both commuting and recreation.) I have been riding a year and have not had a serious scare yet. (touch wood!) Although some circumstances are obviously out of your control as a rider- I think there are less scary times if you are aware of what is going on around you, keep a reasonable distance between you and other road users and don't do anything silly.
  11. Up until November I was commuting daily around 60km per day, I also got out a couple of nights a week and maybe 1 to 3 weekend days a month. I'm really having trouble remembering a recent serious scare, so I voted for once or twice a year.

    If I go back to my early days of riding I would have said I had a sphincter clenching moment at least once a week.
  12. I can get my heartrate up having fun without being scared so it's a difficult question to answer. I've had millions of close calls but never been really scared by them, as I tend to react calmly to that sort of thing and never consider the possibility that I can't save it.

    There's only been one incident when I thought my number was up, but that was a car that deliberately ran me off the road. That wanker was trying to push me into a cliff face. On the bright side, Even though I didn't think I could, I still managed to out brake him using the 'never give up' strategy. :)
  13. I was in the 'once or twice a year' category, though that's an estimate based on one in the 6 months or so I've been back riding. I commute most work days, either 80 ks round trip one way or about 30 round trip to my other office, though some of the commute is through fairly twisty bush roads.

    It's pretty encouraging... although the sample isn't that large yet, it looks like over 85% of us get a scare once a month or less, with only 15% getting one more frequently, and some of those being self-described as very new riders.
  14. it really depends on which personality hops on the bike.

    :twisted: <-----this joel pushes himself and often gives himself a little fright, lucky i have special protocol for handling this guy

    :angel: <-------this joel is a perfect road user, and is only subjected to frights caused by third parties ;)

    realistically though, maybe one in 4 (non-2up) rides i push too hard, but who doesnt? :?
  15. maybe there is a point to look at, i only ride for recreation.
  16. I get a scare every time I look in the mirror :facepalm: :facepalm:
  17. #17 Duffman, Jan 9, 2007
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    And thats a very good point.
    It raises that age old theory that every accident is the motorcyclists fault. OK so sometimes there are things you cant avoid but the point is that you should be prepared for anything and expect people to run that red or change without looking. Then you'll be ready for it.

    I know when i started riding i thought it was bloody scary and that every driver out there was trying to kill me. Whereas now i realise that they're not trying to kill me, they're just completely incompetent.
  18. Very rarely anymore. People do stupid things constantly, but I can spot them and avoid them. I think you get used to that. It's the situations where you realized you could have died and not been able to do anything about it that frighten me. I can only remember about 2 or 3 in over ten years, though it might happen maybe once a year? I commute every day.

    The one incident I really remember was the car that flew out of a side street at high speed in my first few months riding. It was 11pm at night with no-one around. There must have been only cm's in it. If I hadn't hit the brakes and slowed enough..... They didn't stop naturally :evil: I actually hit the brakes so hard and quick the chain managed to rip a tooth off the rear sprocket.
  19. I'm a 7 day a week rider but mostly I anticipate the sphincter moments but every now & then I still get surprised! Usually I put this down to my being a little less observant than usual, sometimes cagers do something you just can't anticipate no matter how on the ball you are!

    I ride to survive & urge all my fellow riders to do the same! We've lost too many in the past year!
  20. What he said. As you gain experience, or at least as I did, there were fewer occasions when I allowed my fate to be in the hands of others. You can never eliminate such moments entirely, but you can make them pretty rare and, just as important, be aware of exactly when it is you're not controlling events.