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How often do speedo cables break?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Jbot, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. I'm in the process of buying a 2nd hand bike at the mo, a 1999 750 Monster.

    It had to have couple of little things done for a roadworthy (loose indicator lens, stoplight switch, tyres (they pass today mate but might not in 28 days WTF?).

    Anyway, it was meant to be ready today, but the owner hasn't called me. So i called the mechanic doing the roadworthy and asked what the hold up was. He said it was ready to go but broke the speedo cable on the test ride.

    Bike has only 31K on clock and as far as I could tell from thorough inspection is in very good nick and not ridden hard (1st owner geared it UP...).

    Just wondering if speedo cable breakage is indicative of old age/thrashing or is just one of those components that does just break from time to time?

  2. I would say its just one of those things. It's a bit like a headlight blowing just after you buy a secondhand bike.
  3. just luck of the draw ...I reckon
  4. Definitely luck of the draw.
    That said, if you keep breaking speedo cables then it's time to look at the worm-drive mechanism down by the wheel. Chances are it's binding and may need either a clean and grease, or at worst it might need replacing.
  5. Cleaning & Lubing Cables

    Lubing your cables is one of the cheapest ways to keep your bike feeling new. Water & dirt seep into your calbes when you wash the bike. Using pressure washer is even more of a problem. Cleaning & lubing your cables not only eliminates the water & dirt but also increases the calbes life.

    To clean & lube cables, you have to remove the cable from the perch & lever. For throttle cables you must disconnect the carburetor end; you dont want to flush water & dirt into the carb. Put on a standard cable lube tool & flush the cable with the contact cleaner.

    Hope this helps in future.
  6. Also make sure the cable follows it's natural path from start to finish. If it's forced around corners it doesn't want to go it will bind up and cause problems.
  7. Dood, if you're buying a Ducati you'd best not get scared when a speedo cable breaks.
    Speedo cables spin in their sheath, as opposed to clutch/throttles which push-pull, so lubing is less important (but still needs doing) but cable routing is more important. Make sure the speedo drive mechanism works smoothly, too.
  8. Have had the old Darmah for 20 years now, and only done 2 throttles, 1 clutch, and 1 speedo cable. Lost the speedo drive down at the wheel and took 7 months to get a new one!!! By the way the throttles broke 2nd cornerr into the Oxley each time :( (one from each end 10 years apart)
  9. It's just one of those things, really. My bike's speedo cable broke at around 25000kms on a pegaso, which is definitely not a sports bike...
    Lucky, we had a repair kit on us - or i wouldnt have made the ferry back from tassie that day
  10. it really is just one of those things.
    that said, it needs to be moving in order to wear....
    not saying this is the case, but a classic way to excessively wear a speedo cable is by "winding the clock back (forward actually)"

    but honestly they do just break :)
  11. it really is just one of those things.
    that said, it needs to be moving in order to wear....
    not saying this is the case, but a classic way to excessively wear a speedo cable is by "winding the clock back (forward actually)"

    but honestly they do just break :)
  12. Don't worry about it, they generally last about 20,000-30,000km for me, and they often break soon after having sat still for a while. I suspect that if they haven't been used recently, the lube has dripped off and maybe a little dust and corrosion built up inside.
  13. Check the drive at the wheel
    Check and see if the cable is spinning freely in its sheath by detaching it from the speedo and turning it with a pair of pliers
    Check and see if it's been lubricated recently (or at all) Get some graphite lube and pump it into the cable sheath
    and, maybe it's the speedo that's stopped working, and not a broken cable???
  14. Thanks for the replies everyone, mind now at rest :)

    No clock winding, I check k's long ago. it had been sitting for quite a while. The owner was pretty peeved that the roadworthy guy busted it and then asked him to pay for it (after some firm words this was waived). Owner figures they probably didn't put it back together properly after fitting tyres.

    Buggers scun me on the tyres I reckon, $590 for 120/60/17 and 160/60/17 Pilot Powers fitted.

    But then again, it was my birthday yesterday and my best mates gave me a red coffee machine, (no, not the ducati, that doesn't actually make coffee, just races to find them) so I can't find it in my heart to really complain about anything this week :grin: