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How often between services ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by doonx, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. I recently bought a '93 ZZR250 . It has 21,000km on the clock and had it's last major service at 18,000km.

    How often should it have it's major and minor services ?

  2. Depends on condition of the bike and how hard you ride the bike.
    Essentially minor service between 3000km to 6000km and a major service on a kwaka usually every 12000km
  3. I get my zzr serviced every 6000kms.. I change the oil myself every 3000kms.. If you change the oil regularly the bike will last forever

    Lisa :twisted:
  4. Check the bike's manuals. My CB250 says that for everyday normal riding (whatever that is?) services should be done every 6000km. It then gives a matrix of all the service items and then gives a tick if it needs to be done at that interval of 6Kkm or not.
  5. every 300 k's ? or every 3000 k's ?
  6. Arh sorry I should check before I post

    that's 3000
    Otherwise I would be changing it every Saturday LOL
    Lisa :twisted:
  7. When I left my bike in on Saturday, I was told that it was due for its 30K overhaul (like a cars 40K service). Sounded like bollocks to me.
  8. Every 6000km for regular services.
    Every 12000km for the majors.
    Shims to be done at 24000
  9. ummmmmmmm : Shims ???
  10. Vic are scooters the same?
  11. Every 300k's, does that mean every time you fill up with juice?
  12. geeze Sue would you read the whole thread b4 you jump in with your 2 cents worth?

    Lisa corrected that typo yesterday at 11.39am

    :? :p
  13. Oops - Pleading blonde!
  14. good

    thats spot on,i do the same for my blade however i just take it into the mechanic :D
  15. Minor: 5000ks Do it yourself though,a shop will only put oil and a filter in it anyway,and charge you $160 for it!

    Major: 10,000ks Get the shop to do this one,(If your not very mechanically able) it usually involves a bit more work as explained earlier in the thread.

    When getting your bike serviced,its always a good idea to mark the replaceable items,so you can check they actually changed it,half the time they'll just clean the part and charge you 4 a new one. :evil:

    Edit: Fogot to say,i do mine a bit earlier than others,but i like doin track days and monos and all that crap,so its best to keep things new as possible imo.