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How offensive is it to ask if someone is gay?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by wang chung, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. I dont know why it's so important to me.

    This guy at work he act's very feminem.
    I just want to know if his gay!!
    I am his friend and still will be whatever he is attracted to.

    What ya reckon?

    Could it go bad if i ask him ??
  2. Yes. Yes it could.


  3. I don't understand internet sarcasm.. or is it sarcasm :-O
  4. In what way does he act femine?

    Many of my straight male friends do some girly stuff & most of my gay male friends are so male you'd never guess they're gay!!!

    If you don't mind either way, is it really such a big deal?! I don't mean that in a mean way, just wondering.
  5. Does it matter?
    If he is, when he's comfortable telling you, he will.
  6. Well, how offended would you be if they asked you if you were homophobic?

    It's the sort of thing I'd trust him to tell you on his own if you guys are close enough friends, and leave it alone otherwise - but hey, if you're that curious, maybe it's better to get a straight answer [no pun intended :p].
  7. feminem??? a girly white rapper????

    :LOL: j/k

    i would just ask mate, and dont be all shocked either way.

    its all in the approach, how you present yourself and how you word it.
  8. He prances around selling chocolate around the office.. Takes photos of everyone.. put's his arm around me all the time. Has a lisp. Very very nice person. always has birthday cards for everyone, looks after himself ALOT.. Makes sure the x-mas tree is in the photo. in other words.. act's like my mum :grin:
  9. camp as a row of tents
  10. Only ask if you're hitting on him.

  11. I would not be offended, cause i'm the type of person that doesn't care about much in life.

    But i don't know what kind of social issues gay people can get.

    Possibility of being alienated from family / friends ?

    You know how some people treat gays.
    Not nice at all

  12. Sounds like someone has over analysed things and expressing their feelings ! :eek:

  13. You don't need to ask... he is obviously :?
  14. Not as bad as what other gay men do to them :bannanabutt: :LOL: .

  15. LoL hey... It's idiots on TV that stereotype Gays.

    And people that put on fake lisps so they can be gayer than gay.

    Kinda like how my African friend puts on a fake American accent.
  16. Well if you're not comfortable asking the question, just kiss him... if he kisses back - you know :p
  17. lisshhhen tomemate, lisshhen to me.

  18. I have a fear of rejection :(
  19. ive asked plenty of chicks if they are gay..

    right after they rejected me :p LOL j/k
  20. oh but seriously.. it really depends on how well you know the person.. because some people are open about it and some dont like it