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how not to treat a customer, my tale of woe

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by joleb, May 27, 2008.

  1. I AM ANGRY!

    why? coz on Anzac day my 6 month old scooter developed an oil leak in the suspension.... it took the company where i brought the scoot 4 days to fit me into check it out and I was told not to ride it but it was safe to ride it to get it looked at.. not safe to ride 3 kms to and from work but safe to ride 15kms through suburban traffic....

    I took it in and they confirmed what I had told them.. the suspension shocker was leaking and needed to be replaced... that it was safe to ride until it was fixed... please remember this is a six month old scooter... I was told that the part should be in in a few days to fix it.... A week later when I had not heard back from them I rang them back... got some cock and bull story that they had rung me but the switch didnt know who I was... I gave them a direct line that does not go back to the switch when not answered.. sorta didnt go down to well with me coz it didnt sound like they had called and gone through our work phone system at all..... then I got told that Suzuki had stuffed up on VOR (urgent) ordering the part from Japan and that the part would be in stock on around the 13 May....
    So me being a good patient customer waited for the 13th may... no ph call again... called on the 15th to ask where the part was.. got shoved around the business from switch, to spare parts, who didnt answer the phone, I dialled 0 and got back to the switch and then I asked for service.
    Eventually someone answered the ph and told me the part would not be in today and that they would ring me when it was...
    By this time I dont beleive about the phoning me so I took it upon myself to ring each day..

    Well yesterday I rang again... a month after they had first been advised of the problem with my scoot and in that month the scoot has been losing oil from the shock and is becoming unsafe to ride and definately unroadworthy, and this scoot is my only form of transport of which they had been advised nearly each time I rang.... I was told oh.. the part hasnt come in and it wont be in Australia until at the earliest the 5th of June.... and all along I have been given the line that it takes a long time to freight parts from Japan...

    Only one trouble with that storyline though... I work in despatch and regulary freight both small and large items all over the world and the longest it has taken me to get anything anywhere was 10 days and that was to get something to Columbia! not Japan with its frequent daily services!

    To say I wasnt impressed is an understatement, and I did aggressivley tell the service guy my side of the story but politely. I asked if there was a replacement scooter I could have a loan of as my scoot was now, through no fault of my own, unroadworthy and unsafe to ride... I was informed that a replacement/loan scooter is not part of the warranty conditions.. I then informed him that yes I agreed that wasnt part of the warranty conditions but the situation I have been placed in by his company and Suzuki was one that I would not be in the future either recommending them or Suzuki to anyone for custom... and that if a small company like Vmoto could arrange a loan scooter for me when a warranty issue had to be sorted out that surely a large company like Peter Stevens Motorcycles and Suzuki could, after all I had purchased this scooter off them only 6 months ago.. a scooter that is worth 3 times the amount of the Vmoto, a company that believed in customer service.

    to be fair to that service guy he did get on to Suzuki and stir up some action, I have been told that the part should be in Australia next week and that one it is in my scoot will be repaired as soon as possible..this is still 5-6 weeks after the initial problem with the scoot

    I will wait to see how good his word is

    but to say I am not a happy customer would be a very small understatement
  2. 5 to 6 weeks for a not in stock Suzuki part?

    Sounds about normal (not saying that's good), but it is about normal.
  3. Don't do anything over the phone..

    Barge in there, complain and ask for the manager/owner
    I thought they were supposed to lend you something if there was a delay, especially one this long

    Are we allowed to mention shop names here?
  4. Ring Suzuki directly to air your complaint also.
  5. Suzukis suck ,kwakas rule :p
  6. Is it my imagination or is the local parts inventory of the Japanese manufacturers, at least, shrinking? It seems like just about everything has to come over on the slow boat these days.
  7. Sorry. I stopped reading after i read "my six month old scooter".
  8. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: me too :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. & you call me a krunt :roll:


    Guessing its PS.

  10. Since Suzuki have taken over imports from Ateco parts have become a problem with Suzuki's. Dearer, harder to get and never any idea about how long it will be.

    sounds like the dealers not helping either.
  11. the main problem here is that this part was supposed to have been ordered on the 1st of May, I dont know who stuffed up and frankly I dont care, but the part ended up not being ordered until 14-15th of May when I kicked up a stink.
    I am not normally a person who complains, but I dont care who stuffed up, Peter Stevens service is blaming Suzuki, I havent bothered asking Suzuki but no doubt they would say the order wasnt lodged properly with them, what I am complaining about is the service I have had to endure. Also a bit of honestly instead of buck shoving, if you make a mistake at least have the courage to admit it,no one is infalliable and everyone makes mistakes, it is how we recover from making mistakes that is important.

    I work in despatch, I know if they want to get a part to Australia they can get it here at the most in 3 days, I frequently get things to countries that dont have the regular services that Japan does within 3 days, sometimes less

    I also wouldnt reccommend Peter Stevens as a place to do business in the fact I have had dealing with other Suzuki dealerships and been treated with great respect and courtesy even when I had not purchased the scooter, which wasnt a suzuki either, I was riding off them. That I havent had to wait 4 days just to have a problem evaluated, I have been told to come straight in so they could look at what was wrong then slotted in for it to be fixed within 3 days.

    If this is what relabilty of Suzuki is purported to be it really stinks.

    I am also disgusted that because of the mistake in ordering the part needed for my scoot that I havent been offered a loan scooter. I used to have a vmoto and when they had problems fixing my scoot under warranty they provided me with a loan scooter, yes they grumbled a little but at least they looked after a customer. I am only asking from Peter Stevens what I have experienced from other scoot companies and dealerships have offered me. I am shocked that a company as large as Peter Stevens cannot find me a loan scooter in their used scooter range.. it doesnt have to be a Burgman, just something that is safe and roadworthy to ride.

    the reason I brought a Japanese bike because they have a reputation for being reliable, not to have to wait 6 weeks for a part that should have had at least 1 in Australia, gee nothing is infalliable and it comes down to customer service.... which in this case has been non-existant. You would think they would stock at least 1 of each part, just in case

    And hey all you that look down your bikes windscreens at scooters .... :p this is my form of riding on two wheels, Im no rev head, the 250 is bike enuff for me, but I still love being out there just as much as you!

    It is also because I have arthritis since I was 17 and the scooter makes it alot easier to mount the bike than a conventinial bike would allow

    Peter Stevens have done themselves a disservice as word of mouth is a big influencer and I work in a factory of over 100 people, of which there are quite a few bike riders. They all know the way I have been treated and like me in future are more than likely to source their business elsewhere
  12. Well, if you're in shipping, you would understand that they don't bring parts in in ones and twos. I expect a small container is shipped every four weeks or so, with teh orders placed, plus replenishments for various stock inventories.
    And you bought a scooter, the cheapest, nastiest form of motorcycle, built to a very strict price. They break quickly, that's why they're cheap as dirt.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. One problem with your thesis there Typhoon.. the Bergman cost $9000, not a cheap option in anyones dollars
    And yes I am in shipping but when a mistake happens in our business, which it sometimes does, even if it costs more we send goods in single or smaller amounts to keep our customers happy and fulfill our commitment to our customer. We have been known to break up orders of 100,000 or more and send a partial order to make our clients deadline. This is called customer service, and maintaining a product standard. This is all I am asking of both the dealership and the brand.
    For them to have enough pride in their product and service to make sure their customer is happy with both the product and service..

    and yes if the mistake is mine in shipping I admit to it and try to put in place practices to prevent it happening again and at the same time try to look after our clients as well
  14. <dupl post>
  15. You've posted the same whinge in multiple threads now [-X

    Its all you've talked about so is this why you came here? :-k

    Any plans to extend communication to an unrelated topic? [-o<

    or is this whole sorry saga the only thing your life revolves
    around at this point in time? 8-[
  16. Still an unacceptable excuse. If you are going to sell a vehicle in Australia then you should be supplying parts for that vehicle in a timely manner. It's fair enough not to stock your parts here so long as they can get here in a reasonable time. 24 hours is a reasonable time for a part that stops the vehicle. 3 days if it doesn't.

    If their current system doesn't achieve those expectations then they need to change the system. If they don't' then they don't deserve to sell vehicles.
  17. I agree entirely with you. That's why I buy my OEM parts overseas. 7 days to my door at worst from teh time I order.
    We're talking about motorcycle dealers here, you know, the ones who cry poor all teh time, they just refuse to keep a decent inventory, because it would eat into profits.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. mg I have commented in other posts, and yes I have contributed something else, not just a whinge.
    I have simply posted a reply to someone elses comment in this thread on topic and the other thread was asking people if they thought buying a scoot from Peter Stevens was a good idea.. again an on topic post....
    And I have contributed in another thread as well, and why do I have to defend my posting???? gee do I have to fill all the different forums with rubbish posts to be considered a member?? I have posted legitimate conversations with no direct condemnation at any other member, and neither would I

    and why should ANYONE accept below par treatment from any agent be it a dealership or manuafacturer, if we dont complain and complain loudly, if we dont converse and tell each other where bad service and good service is to be found what is the purpose of forums like this....

    and sorry for me at the moment riding around a scoot that is as rough as guts I dont have anything else to comment about, this is my ONLY form of transport.

    I dont drive a car

    I have arthritis so public transport is a poor option.

    It has been a long while since I could just jump on my scoot and ride like I want too

    it is a bit hard to particpate in much else if you cant ride your form of transport
  19. thx Andrew and if I could I would be doing the same thing but this is a warranty issue and if I did that I would be out of pocket coz I am sure neither the dealership of the manuafacter would refund my expenses...
    but yep I would have had that part 4 weeks ago at the most if I had of arranged it.......
  20. Put the spectacles back on & have a good browse Joleb.

    John 8:32 says..