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How not to split????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GoTeam, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. I was going along Springvale Rd yesterday when I noticed some motards in the mirror just as I went past The Glen shopping centre (heading toward Burwood Hwy). One split past quite quickly then stayed in front of me for a while. That was fine with me. Another one came past and all was cool. If I'd still had a bike, I wouldn't have gone out on it yesterday because I wasn't totally alert. A short time later, I looked to my left and what did I see? A motard was in my lane riding parallel to my front passenger door for a good 5 seconds. The worst thing is that I was parallel with a Commodore. I considered myself to be too far to the right in the lane and if I'd moved my car over without looking (like I almost did) then the motard rider would have been in trouble.

    They were all BMW motards and they all seemed to be brand new so I guess it may have been a test ride for a group or the dealers??? This happened around 4:!5pm yesterday.

    My message is that if anyone is going to split then pass quickly. Fools who do like the parallel riding motard rider are just looking for trouble.

  2. So what did the motards look like?
  3. I don't ride next to cars even if they are in another LANE :shock:

    Maybe the guy thought that Commodore you were next to was a cop or something, so he decided to do the thing that wouldn't get him pulled over.

    ... you know... coz it must be safer...
  4. If you move over the rider should be fine, i've been between cars so close that my legs are brushing up against their cars, thats when you pull a wheelie and zip off between a couple of other cars.
  5. Thats how you die. :p
  6. I could say something to that but i wont because i know no one will agree with me.
  7. true.

    clever lie :roll: :LOL:
  8. if i had been lying then i'd have said i did a cross over and then pulled a highchair all while i was between the cars, but i can't do highchairs yet. :(

    But yeah i think your the only person to get the name right, its not cleverly people. :p
  9. bmw motards? which are these?

    splitting is only when cars are at a standstill or very slow for me
  10. Whattya Reckon - FS800
  11. definition- Living on borrowed time
    A good line that: "trespass-ground". :cool:

  12. They looked good to me :) . From just having a look at the BMW website, I think they were the F650s. They looked a lot like one of those. One thing that surprised me a little was that they were very quiet.
  13. Ah that's easy to fix :grin:
  14. stupid question huys but what defines a Motard???
  15. it's a play on words, methinks.

    Mo = motorcycle

    tard = retard

    'retard on motorcycle"

  16. A dirt bike for the road in it's simplest explanation. Motard is a form of tight track racing on bitumen and sometimes gravel.
  17. hahahaha that's a good one twainharte

    excuse my newbieness : so it is correct for me to call the KTM Superduke a Motard? or is that considered a SuperMoto?
  18. These the 650 Dakar? It amazes me sometimes what risks some people are going to on the road, and for what?

    Thanks for sharing!
  19. :rofl:
  20. Risks on the road, the only risk that comes to mind is being in traffic.