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How not to ride on track!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Dan76, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. This was me at QR on Sunday, believe it or not I saved it. 8-[


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  2. how did you end up like that??
  3. Looks like the start of a massive slapper!

    Wheel lift out of a corner followed by a panic perhaps?
  4. Well saved.... i'm going with HUUUGE tank slapper too
  5. i bet the sphincter was pumping 100 miles an hour
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    I knew this would be the topic of this thread, even tho my phone doesn't show me who the OP is.

    Still a great pic!
  7. :D

  8. Bucking Bronco!
  9. I'm trying to work out how you got like that....
  10. the bike looks tiny - are you 8ft 30 or sumfin?
  11. i know right it looks like hes on a 125 lol
  12. ROFLMAO@ comments!

    Coming out of turn 6 at QR, still at 3/4 lean, got too frisky with the throttle resulting in a wheelstand powerslide that just had trouble written all over it.

    I half backed off the throttle which is when this pic was snapped.

    Touched down, she bucked like a SOB and tried its best to highside me.

    I had sat up and leaned over and put all my weight on the pegs, hence me looking like a giant as the bike is still leaned over.

    Managed to ease the throttle back on and straigten it up while being slapped around.

    Yep, there was a truckload of luck involved in that save! :busting:
  13. ARGH! I am such a :newb: ... I couldn't see any of that until you described it.
  14. Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!
  15. LOL!

    If it were just wheelstanding out of the corner that would have been fine, but the angle the bike was at with the rear stepped out wide was just wrong.

    A more experienced rider may have been able to ride through that OK, but I was nowhere near comfortable with where this was going.
    If I hadn't of "corrected" somewhat, my guess is the front wheel would have landed with the bike at a 20ish degree angle across the track.
    Considering this was at over 100km/hr, yep panic set in!!

    I wish I had a preceding shot!!
    I do have 2 following ones. 8-[

  16. Great save mate! Did all the reactions kick in automatically?
  17. Thanks. Surprisingly, yes!
    I have done plenty of reading on the net of the "dos and don'ts", so I think that helped a bit.(Obviously be selective on what info you read! :p)

    Just hope like hell nothing like that happens again! One or the other is fine, just not both at once! LOL
  18. Keen to see the pics following that one!! Great save!
  19. there were a few guys with video cameras Dan , you might be lucky track one down that may have it on tape.

    the Big issue with that corner / tank slap and hi side, is it will throw you right in to the pit wall no sand trap or grass for you.

    Hope you went got some lotto tickets, and the mad bugger, is going again on the 22nd
  20. Well done champ.
    You have now proved to yourself you can ride. My point being as you said you Didn't just shut it down as most would. That is what saved your skin. If your going to come off you may as well and try to save it till the last minute.
    And this is what will save so many lives out there. It has never been so cheap or easy to do track days. There is no better way to find your limits, to relate to what a bike will do when stressed.
    Once again well done.
    How is turn one these days. I heard they spent a fortune on it last year and its still a goat track