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How NOT to remove a tattoo

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by N*A*M, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. My foot slipped off the peg in a stoppie and when it landed, my leg scraped across the tip of the peg (which isn't actually very sharp). It gouged out deep enough that I saw bright white - dunno if it was skin or bone. A section of the tattoo outline is missing completely.


  2. Ouch. I did something similar on a bmx. Left skin, hair and fat from my calf muscle dangling from the pedal. No tattoo though.
  3. well i just learnt the white stuff was fat


    yeah i pulled the piece of skin off the peg by some hairs

    it stretched out to be the right length too! haha
  4. I thought that's how stunters changed their tatts when they got tired of them.
    That's why you see them squidding. :LOL:
  5. Pity you didn't have a naked lady tatt, that might have been quite an appropriate 'wound.'

    Hope it's not too sore mate.
  6. wound haha more like gash! haha

    its no biggie... hasn't stop me riding or progressing

    just thought i'd post up for show and tell

    thats pretty much the worst i've had, apart from the time i got airborne and sprained both ankles
  7. noting to worry about nam, just let it heal and get it touched up(a good tattooist will be able to do this now worries at all), i did the same thing with my leg , sucks but oh wells
  8. cool that's reassuring to know
    i've been meaning to finish the inside of my leg but i keep wrecking it
    i have a big exhaust burn, a few cuts and now this

    hopefully it heals cleanly and will look all right after a cover up
  9. OUCH nam! Maybe while your waiting to get that tattoo finished, wear some shin guards at least to help slow the damage rate :LOL:
  10. nice gash.. shocking tat
  11. Should have stuck it back on :grin: .

    Bit of superglue round the edges and presto! DIY skin graft.