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How NOT to park a car....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Auscruiser, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Dunno if the story is true, or how old it is, but:




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  2. So far as I can remember, it is true and it happened about 12-18 months ago... Don't quote me though...
  3. I was about to say exactly the same thing... Including the don't quote me bit... so in essence i am directly quoting you :LOL:
  4. Yep it happened a while ago
  5. yeah was a couple years ago.. working in the auto industry ive seen a fair bit of this kinda stuff.. maybe not quite as impressive as what this fella did tho :shock:

    test drive = drive it like you stole it \:D/
  6. You mean very carefully so you don't draw attention to yourself??
  7. yup & my mate was there when it happen .... he tried to turn right in to the road.. but caned the car.

    he probably didn't like the car anyway, he just wanted to take it back
  8. nah he was a ford driver, and just fought that holden dealer should look more like what it truely is...

    a junk yard :LOL:
  9. wouldn't have been 19... wouldn't he be required to be fully licenced to have been let into a clubsport i hear you ask?

    lol well i was about to suggest that until i remember the drive with a mate in a ba gt.... remembering back he'd lost his licence for freaking ages and just got em back and was on p's but mentioned, horses, tab across the road, and big win, and smooth talked his way.

    idiot car dealers do exist.
  10. ahahhahah aha aha hah aa... some one must have made out like a bandit at fowles auctions... :LOL: so many broken penis extensions in one place....
  11. I remember this, it was about 2 yrs ago now, I lived around the corner at the time and heard the almighty smash. Ran around the corner to find people everywhere and the salesman all standing around in disbelief...absolutely priceless.
    It was a young guy test driving a car a bit to powerful for his capabilities. Don't remember the outcome of it all though, guess he got charged for reckless driving or something along those lines.
  12. Nah, the Clubby was his. Not a test drive as everyone made out. I'd find the news clip but I'm lazy. He was on the old Commodore Cruise Club site.