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How not to lyp synch

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. video here

  2. ..looks like he's drinking a bottle of beer!!.... :p
  3. In Romania, music plays you!
  4. A lot of musos do this sort of thing as a protest because TV shows don't LET them sing live. So you see guitarists who "forget" to plug in their axes, or drummers who deliberately do different beats to what's on the record, just to take the piss out of the fact that nobody can hear them anyway.

    You can bet that guy's seen more microphones than you've had hot dinners - I reckon he's having a go at the TV producers for making him lip-synch like some d1ckhead.
  5. Loz is right, a lot of TV shows won't allow you to actually play live - Hey Hey used to do it all the time, you could either fully mime or have live vocals but the band can't play live. hence why at the end of the performance Darryl would interview the singer who would need to talk in to HIS microphone.

    I've seen a few performers do this kind of thing as a 'protest' about they fact they're not allowed to play live.
  6. Hey its the pop music industry. Goes with poofy hairstyles and airbrushed models.

    Cmon its like watching WWF wrestling and being shocked to find its all staged :LOL:
  7. wrestling is staged?????
    next your going to tell me santa is not real
  8. Yeah Edgie, Hey Hey was a big offender. A few mates of mine did silly things like plugging the guitar leads into the keyboards... Then again, they shouldn't complain, those gigs paid pretty well. Pretty sad though for a talented musician to have to take part in that sort of charade.
  9. Well theres varying morals amongst musicians too. Like the difference between sex for enjoyment vs prostitution. When it comes to making money off music you cant always do it for love. The highest paying ones are often throwaway gigs, and pop musos, well theyre often spoiled.