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How not to lane split

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by RRdevil, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. May have been posted already but got a GOOD laugh. He saw it coming but doesn't appear to have tried to stop or slow

  2. WTF.

    I also question whether he could have made it. Hard to tell with those lenses.
  3. Too busy looking to split what's in front of him instead of looking to see if he needed to stop I reckon. He should have seen how quick he was closing a while back.
    If he couldn't stop the split attempt might have been a better option than running up the rear of one of those trucks.
  4. Why the hell would you split between 2 trucks????
    I've seen how quickly that gap can close when they are on the move. Even seen the trailers come together.
    He's lucky he got away with it as he could easily have been crushed.
  5. i shouldn't laugh because he could of died but...

    lol SHIT SHIT SHIT still tries it.
  6. He should buy a bike/cage with brakes if he can't see further than 20 mtrs ahead...It still amazes me that people deliberately post videos that show everyone their poor judgement/skill level(n)
    Glad there was no web, GoPros etc when we used to perform our epic failures all those years ago.
  7. Looks like he could see the trucks about 150m ahead, so I don't know where he was looking.

    I also wonder whether he just used rear brake.
  8. I'm thinking he loves the rear brake
  9. I guess thats what happens when you strap a gopro to your head to film how full sick you are commuting to work.

    LMAO when the trucks move off and he cops a little more punishment.

    It my seem a little evil to laugh at his predicament but seriously WTF was the thinking?
  10. Wow that is scary, looks like he was going a fair bit quicker than the traffic, doubt he was planning on filtering the trucks. I'd say traffic just banked up and he was coming up on it far too quickly.
  11. He may as well have stuck both arms out like wings.

    Very poor indeed - surprised he made it that far.