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How NOT to celebrate passing your P's test

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by darklightBoy, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Well, some of you may know I passed my P's test on the weekend. Was a good day, I learnt plenty of stuff about slow speed bike control. Unfortunately the rain came down just as we were finishing, so I didn't really get to go out on a celebratory ride. Sunday wasn't any better, constantly threatening to rain so I didn't take the chance.

    I finished work this afternoon, it was looking good, so I headed out to my local road (Grasstree hill), for some nice corners to ride. Which I got, until I came across this:


    I was at about 60-70, which wasn't excessive for the corner (unposted in an 80 zone). I backed off a little, tried to go out a bit wider to avoid it, unfortunately today wasn't my day. Next thing I've felt the bike go, and down I've gone. In honesty the whole sliding along the road thing wasn't as bad as I expected having read some others' accounts, although I was going relatively slow in comparison. One thing that went through my head though was "relax."

    I didn't slide that far, ended up on the road shoulder, with the bike a couple of metres further nicely placed in a ditch. I was unhurt, albeit a bit shaken up, but I was able to bounce up onto my feet and go over to the bike, turn the fuel/ignition off etc. Couldn't get the bike up by myself, half the handlebar was buried in the dirt too. Took the fifth car I flagged down before someone stopped (inconsiderate ba$tards...but many thanks to the guy in the white datto), He let me use his phone to call the old man to come with the ute, and helped me get it up and moved.

    Then came the damage assessment:
    - RH mirror snapped off and glass broken
    - Both brake levers bent
    - Scratches on instrument cluster, headlight, oil filler cap
    - Exhaust dented/beaten up and bent into the rear tyre
    - Rear wheel broken. The actual rim has snapped.



    Damaged exhaust can

    The road

    Friendly copper showed up on the scene while I was waiting for the ute to arrive, radioed in to get someone to clean up the shit cause it went for a couple more corners, helped us load the bike on the old man's ute, and took some details for an incident report for the insurance. No ticket though, which is good. I guess it was pretty obvious.

    Either way, this wasn't the way I'd planned on celebrating my next step in biking. It rules out my mainland tour in January too, as I can't afford my insurance excess and my trip. Y'all will have to wait till another date to meet me :p

    The important thing, I'm fine. All my gear seems alright too, there's a couple of battle scars on the draggins and jacket, although my helmet is completely unscathed. I'm guessing it didn't hit the ground at all, there's not a dent or scratch on it. Lucky.

    Bit of a long post, but there's my story for the day.
  2. Ouch! Real shame about the bike, but you're ok so thats what matters!

    Every crash is an opportunity to change an aspect of your riding for the better, as I was taught in riding schools - doesn't matter what the crash is, always accept responsibility to yourself in some way so that you can learn from it instead of blaming it on other things. Even if its something you had almost no control over like this, can still probably find something :)

    Hope the repairs go well!
  3. Sh!t....so glad to hear you are OK though.

    Were you wearing any armour in your Draggins? Are you sore?

    Again, good to hear you're OK although shitty news :cry:
  4. Oh sh!t mate, bad luck about your bike but the main point is your alright.

    +1 Phizog

    All you can do is learn from your mistakes, whats done is done just move onto the next challenge there is no use slaping yourself around about it.
  5. Bad luck mate. Glad you're ok but you will be sore tomorrow :cry:
    Did the copper check where the oil started or finished? There may be a truck parked on the side of the road somewhere.
  6. glad to hear youre ok, shows tht it can happen any day so wear your gear any day you go riding :D ive never seen a snapped wheel, wonder what it hit?
  7. So now you get to join Cejay's and Robsalvv's Diesel Spill club :).

    Sorry story, but once again, you are insured, big tick, and you were wearing good gear, big tick.
  8. that's pretty f'd up.. insurance should let you get away without an exess and sue the local govt for the funds!
  9. haha!
  10. Sorry to hear of your spill. I ride that road heaps (the good old long way home) after work. You seem to have taken it pretty well. Which is a credit to you.

  11. that is not diesel :!:
  12. What is it?
  13. i reckon- either a thick oil, a paint, or BITUMEN! diesel would not show on a dry road like that, it penetrates very, very quickly.....whatever that is, it is too high-viscosity
  14. Yeah actually thinking about it. Its quite unlike diesel to stay around like that in dry conditions for very long, and trust me, ive spilt lots of diesel :LOL:
    I dont think its paint though by the way its spattered out, but my guess would be oil. If only i could smell it haha, everything is easy to figure from the way it smells, even the different sorts of oil.
  15. ah terrible luck DLB, hope you get it sorted out nice and quickly, speak to the cops and get a report see if you can put it back on who ever takes care of the roads down there, the cops obviously thought it was bad enough that they got on the blower straight away to have someone come clean it up, someone needs to be held accountable, they need to try get on top of these things before it claims someones life
  16. :LOL:
    my first reaction was - "righto, which dickhead sprayer driver overloaded their sprayer?!" because thats what happens, it dribbles out the breather at the slightest incline. the tanks need a breather/cannot be sealed because of the elevated temperature....but thats just because of my line of work :p
    they would get s severe whoopin' for it too :evil:
    but, i dont know the location....if it is near a asphalt plant, i would nearly bank on it!
  17. We all have specialised skills in different areas and that diversity is good. But its just like on a show like House, where the brain specialist thinks there is something wrong with the brain where the disease expert thinks they got a disease. We all refer back to what we know best.
  18. DLB, sorry about the fall man! But you're alive and well...that's all that matters. Now I won't claim to know it all but I think the trick is mustering the courage to get back to riding. I came off once at 40km/hr, in the wet, full riding gear and at a speed hump. Broke two bones in my wrist! The amazing thing is I picked up the bike and rode it home before getting a friend to drive me to Accident & Emergency. Couldn't ride for 5 weeks until I had healed up well enough. I'm still riding with a dull ache in my right wrist.

    Thing is, I was lucky enough not to sustain an significant damage to the bike and I rode off immediately. Your challenge is to get back onto a bike, in a few weeks, when the reality of the situation has sunken in. My uncle came off and landed in a soft, mushy ditch. No injuries, barely bruised BUT he's never ridden since! The thought of bikes terrifies him.

    I, however, after reading your post, think you're the type to bounce right back with no ill effects. When we do get to meet, your first and last beer is on me!

    Keep your head up.
  19. Well that sucks big hairy donkey balls!

    On a lighter note though, i do have a spare 250 at my place :grin:
  20. [quote

    tee hee :LOL: