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How not to buy a set of tyres

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bikeboy, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Okay, this is going to hurt a bit, and I've changed the names to disguise the parties involved. I've also checked the links page to make sure ther's no conflict and I'm think I'm cool. The mods can delete this if they're concerned about anything it may contain.

    To set the scene-I have a 1980 CB900, and it's getting harder finding a set of tyres to fit these days, but I've NEVER had as much trouble as I did recently at a local Konda (see what I did :wink: ) dealer here in Meelong (did it again!) I took in a freshly powder-coated rear rim for a new tyre. I had my mind set on a pair of dunlop 501s because I hadn't had them before and wanted to give them a go. easy. Got it fitted, took it away and put it on the bike and rode it for a week or two while I waited for my new front rim to be coated. I took it in to same shop, told them what I had on the rear and requested the matching front. When I picked it up I noticed the fools had fitted a rear to my front! Tap tap tap on the computer-no-sorry, there's no matching front in Australia, and our importer isn't bring any more in. Turns out their 'importer' is a sister company, by the way, and they're the only ones they deal with on tyres. Not happy Jan. Plan B is to fit a 'reasonable' match. Another day passes, and I trot in to collect it. No. The idiots this time had fitted a radial, which they somehow thought would be compatible with my cross-ply rear! Plan C is to get them to locate a reasonable match in a CROSS-PLY. 1 week passes-nothing. 2 weeks approach-nothing. I call them and give the 2 alternatives I found on the web. How hard is that! I found a BT45 which was another option I was considering.

    Plan D is to get out of there quickly and call another shop here (may or may not be called something like Toad and Tiver) if they could get me a rear. No probs they say, we have one on the rack! We don't do dunlop-'coz there's only one shop that does :wink: , but they can do anything else. I had a cunning plan to have another rear powder-coated (I have a few spares!), and eventually fit the matching rear. Plan E? No plan E because that's the end :grin: These guys were able to sell me a set of tyres! Isn't that good? I'm happy with that, and won't go back to Seter Pevens for something I can get somewhere else again.

    I now have a near-new 501 sitting on a freshly coated rim sitting idle in my shed, but its a small price to pay for such a valuable lesson.

    there we go. rant over. I feel much better now.


  2. Well done. you're a very patient man.
  3. Can I ask why you are fitting cross-plys?
  4. If I read that right, you are saying that Seter Pevens sister company is the Dunlop importer? That's incorrect. Monza imports are the Vic distributors for Dunlop Motorcycle tyres and while they might have a massive account in Seter Pevens, I'm fairly sure they're not a 'sister' company.
  5. Chiodo family owns both.
  6. Bike is pre-radial, so none of them fit :cry:
  7. That's what I understood to be the case :)

    That would make them sisters - or brothers :wink:

  8. OK I thought Avon at least did some modern type tyres for thinner 18" rims
  9. Really??? :? :shock:

    I stand corrected, sorry. :oops:

    You learn something every day, so I can shut my brain down for the rest of the day now :grin:
  10. yeah, they do have *some*, but the only ones I could find around here were too narrow even for me :cry:

    like a 90/90 18 front and marginal 130/80 18 rear.

  11. I have never bought tyres from peter stevens,always too dear and never have stock of the tyre i want :grin:
  12. When I lived in Mitcham, every tyre that I bought came from Peter Stevens.
    Perfect service each and every time.=,k cheaper than anyone else in Melbourne too ;)
    In stock, shmock. Call them 1 day before, tell them you want tyre X the next day it's in stock. How hard is that??

    Dunno Mel, maybe your breath stinks :p
  13. Cheng Shin Barracudas are FANTASTIC for these older bikes, and are available in the old size (18", 19") fitments. Hell, teh one on the front of my GTR is just as impressive. I have a 120/90/18 on the front of my bike right now, and it's a BIG 120.
    They worked a treat on my pre radial Z 650.

    Regards, Andrew.