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How my scoot is going

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by metalpetal, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Edit: I should have called this "How my Scooting is going"

    I've had my GTS for about three weeks now and I'm pushing myself a little further each day.

    I started with some carpark work, and then had a nice run around the backstreets of Toorak Gardens and Dulwich, near where I live. Lots of traffic control measures around there to help me keep my eye on my speed, and also lots of great practice ducking blondes in SUVs and people in European cages who always have right of way.

    There are some moderately busy main roads around me, so I've let myself loose on those, but still avoiding Portrush Road and all the big trucks (it is part of Highway 1 for anyone who is not SA-familiar).

    Today I headed over to North Adelaide and had my first big brown dacks moment. I'd been very clever all the way in - taken the back way through St Peters and so on...then turned into Melbourne Street and had to deal with a lane merge, which was keeping me on my toes, and then had someone turniing right into the first side street while I was too busy worrying about cancelling my indicator.

    I am pleased to announce my emergency braking technique is okay!

    Chickened out of a right hand turn because I felt that surrounding traffic had been tolerant enough of me, instead opting for a U-turn further along.

    Took a slightly braver route home and I would like to think that car full of boys at the traffic lights cossing North Terrace were smiling really hard at my beautiful scooter. But they might have been laughing at me. :shock:

    Back into Dulwich for some coffee. Saw a Ducati and an Agusta parked by a cafe so I was sure to get a great latte there. Nope, just a bakery. Or the option around the corner with the chintz tablecloths. Always a bad sign. Not a big fan of the mugaccino, myself.

    Smiled at one of the REAL bikeriders as I shuffled back to my Vespa. He refused to smile back. :p

    Made it home alive, now I'm WALKING to Buon Giorno at Norwood for some real coffee.

    Ooh I will get braver!!!!
  2. Oh God! Now I feel like I should have saved this one for my blog. Can someone please post a response offering me encouragement!!!!

    Shuffles off, looking slightly embarassed.

  3. Keep it up metalpetal! I reckon I'd be too scared to go in heavy traffic on a scooter :oops:
  4. Thanks AusJC, that made me feel better sort of. It *IS* a 250cc scooter, but I am feeling a bit vulnerable at the moment. Thank God I didn't buy the Mojito!!! I'd be singing Lowrider as I disappeared under a semi trailer!!!!!!!!
  5. Hey Metalpetal

    Sorry for ignoring ya. I don't see many Vesperados posting over here. Keep at it. Gradual build ups of 'learning opportunities' is the way to go.

  6. hey metal,

    if you'd like some more encouragement, I'd suggest you head over to the scooter addict forums at http://scooteraddict.net/forum/index.php it's a forum for Adelaide scooter riders and the guys and girls there are great.

    The SA Scooter club also go on monthly runs where you can get the feel of the roads with a bunch of other riders and it feels a LOT safer when you ride in a group. There are also runs on Friday nights if you're keen.

    Hope to see you there!
  7. Hi

    Thanks - have already discovered/made contact with SA kids. Was hoping to head out on Friday night but the weather was too scary. I'll be joining you all soon enough, though.
  8. don't worry too much, just keep learning and you will be better. Treat each incident as a learning experience. Don't waste it and try to forget about it because it's too scarey, instead, remember it and learn from it so you will be better next time.

    I fell off my scoot within 2 months of riding it. I ride through the same corner everyday, and now I am much better at tackling that corner. I still remeber falling off and how I did it everytime I ride through there, but I also remind myself the correct technique and do it.