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How much...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Banana.Monster, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. How much do you think I would be looking at to fix the front of this up?


    Would be good if anyone could point me in the right direction about this, may be buying it for 1500 but I don't want to buy it and end up paying alot more in repairs. But I cant imagine it costing much more :S.

    EDIT: silly me, I thought the instuments were bits of broken plastic :S, so basically its just a new screen, any ideas on the price?

  2. What's wrong with it? Bit hard to tell in that pic...
  3. no screen up front, want to get it replaced, I have no idea of the price.

    Sorry for the pic quality, i think my friend took it with his phone.
  4. The screen will be from $50-120 depending on whether you want second hand or brand new aftermarket.

    Of more concern is whether it's roadworthy. Tyres, brakes and rego will soon make the cost add up if it needs this.
  5. It is road worthy with rego till july 11, looks like a steal if I can get that screen.

    Its my friends friends bike, my mate says it has 490531K's on it, im scared now :S
  6. The only thing that can fix up the front end of a GPX250 is:
    a) fire, and
    b) a new bike.
  7. lol, I was looking to get an Across, but this is so much cheeper.

    But the Ks on it has scared me off a bit. I will have to go check it out before I make up my mind.
  8. dont let k's scare you off a bike, bikes are made to be ridden, so there will be quite a few k's on most bikes, if unsure ask someone on here in your area to check it out for you

  9. I think (hope!) you mean 49,000 km's... and not 490 THOUSAND km's.

    If it is the former then I wouldn't be too worried. Routine maintenance (such as regular oil changes) will dictate it's life just as much as mileage.

    If it's the latter then it's in seriously good shape...
  10. yeah, high K's don't really mean much if the bike's properly maintained and looked after!
  11. Ya my mate said 490 thousand Km's, thats why im a little uneasy about it, I will be able to check the bike out in 2 weeks, Now i need to go book my L course :D overall the bikew looks in good shape, got dropped by the current owner, thats why the front screen is missing, 1500 seems a steal if the screen is only going to be 70-120
  12. I'm pretty sure that gpx's odos only have 5 figures so it'll stop at 99,999 km's!
  13. +1 i dont think a bike would be worth anything much if its 500,000 km check it its probaly wrong. Resale would be a shocker with that many k's
  14. The small orange number on the right would be tenths of a KM, not a whole km. So the KM's done would be 49,053.1KM. The decimal point is small and critical!
  15. POS bike, for $1500 pretty good buy as long as you have the cash to fix it as you go. Get properly checked out, you will only keep it for 15 months anyway. :grin:
  16. yeah more then likely 49,053.1 km's
  17. Turns out my brother does to uni with the guy who is selling the bake, so I can get information through him, but I only have 2 days to make a decision on the bike.
  18. well the only way you canm make a decission is to physically go inpect the bike no point asking questions, you need to check it out, check the odo, if it says 90531 then ther may be a chance it has done the 490531, then i would suggest to stay clear as it will be very quiet, but i stress the importance of actually going and checking the bike out yourself asking questions about it isnt getting you any answers by the sound of it
  19. ya, I am going to check it out as soon as I can.