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How Much?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Joff, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,

    My 2003 Kawasaki ZZ-R is coming up to 1,000km and is due for its first service.

    Just curious, how much will this cost?

    Bearing in mind its been sitting in a gargage and had very little use for two years so will need brake fluid & coolant change, front fork oil change, lubricate steering stem bearing & coolant filter clean (just going by manual here which says to do these things every two years).

    Will need a RWC done too (assume nothing needs to be done for this).

    What am I up for do you think?
  2. Why don't you give Cosway's Kawasaki a call.
  3. Anyone (mechanics or customers) know roughly how much?

    I'm in Melb (Camberwell), who is best Kawasaki service place round here?

    Where is Cosway's?
  4. Cosways is in the city. There is Camberwell Motorcycles on Camberwell Rd. Near the junction. Have heard he's pretty thorough. Worked on a cobber's Suzuki GT 250: Old. Purely service, may be sells second hand scooters and 250's.
  5. Brighton Kawasaki (Nepean Hwy) are supposed to be pretty good. I have a friend who gave them a good wrap.
  6. I think they charge extra to remove the cobwebs and even more if they find the spiders.

    1000k should be pretty good, its basically an inspection service and probably an oil change.
  7. Around the $100-150 mark.