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how much would you pay ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by chickibabe, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Hi there everyone, just a quick question. I'm selling my cb250 as I'm ready to get on my zeal. Well this is what the bike is:
    80 cb250n, it has just under 12 months rego
    new pirelli tyres front and back
    new brake pads, fork seals, chain
    as the moment it has on it purple/pearl tank and plastics
    but comes with a mat black tank and plastic so you can change the colour for your mood :LOL: .
    can anybody give me an idea on what to sell for ?

  2. How many Km's? Any damage? RWC? Do you have a pic?

    It won't exactly be a fortune. :)
  3. I would say $1,500 is the best you can hope for, and that's if it's in really decent condition. Unfortunately 1980 model is by now pretty old no matter what.
  4. I'll give you $100 including delivery to Adelaide
  5. $19.95 if you throw in a set of steak knives :LOL:
  6. I think $1500 is the perfect price for a bike like that... if it comes with reg and RWC... I know I sold a fiew old 250s from that eara for that price 6-7 years ago!! In my opinion they only depreciate with inflation :D
  7. In my search for a first bike I saw a few on bikepoint/bikesales/tradingpost going for between 12 - 1800 dollars.

    I am not sure what price you are looking at, but I think Ebay with some photo's might be the best place to start, 11 odd months of rego is a good selling point and I think 1500 + would be pretty realistic maybe a little more with the rego.

    Go and have a look at bikes for sale on ebay and compare them to what you have. That should be a good guide on what you should get.

  8. NO matter what condition a car or bike is in, $1500 is the minimum price if it include rwc and reg - i would start at 1900 and negotiate from there, try and get a little bit more than 1500?

    This is the sort of thing that sells from sitting on the side of the road rather than advertised in the trader et al.
  9. If it blows smoke, is temperamental to start, has a weak battery, torn seat, worn out shocks, dented tank, faded and scratched paint, worn consumables, can only go 90km/h max due to engine wear, worn consumables...

    I'd say around $1500

    250's really never get cheap, and I've got mates who have bought and sold bikes of that description for that much money. Good or bad condition hardly matters it seems.

    I think even $1600 is quite possible. Advertise it in the paper for $1800, don't state what year it is, and see how many hits you get.
  10. Now that's the sort of salesman thinking that shits me. You might think you're mighty smart drawing potential buyers in, but let me tell you, as a buyer you'd lose me immediately with this sort of tricks. I AM GOING TO FIND OUT what year it is, for God's sake - and when I do, I'll be only pissed off with you for wasting my time... but really, if I saw an ad not stating the year I'd never bother even calling in the first place.
  11. Yep I so agree... but than I have come accross sellers that Have NO idea about thir bikes.. they trully belive their 89 CBR250 is the latest bike from japan made in 2005!! with things like the CB250 on the other hand both the potential buyer and the seller are a but more cluey and have done at least some reasearch... quite often these sort of bikes are recomended to them by their friends as well... so very often they come along to look/test out the bike with the buyer...
  12. I'm just puzzled as to why you are selling a 250 to buy another 250??

    {not a criticism, just wondering??}
  13. Just two years ago we couldn't sell my brother's cb250 (1992 version) for more than $1100.

    It was in relatively good nick, but had a large dent in the tank where he dropped it going around a bend...
  14. Why would you ring up about a bike advertised for such a low price then? The price is the guide, bikes don't go for that cheap unless they are old or rooted or both. If you see an ad for a 250 going for less than $2000, obviously it's going to be early 80's. You mightn't like it, but this is the way of the world.
    Common sense, and why not use the advantage of not stating the age?

    You can't have tried very hard? Are SA prices generally lower? As I said, 250's don't really move in price much over years at all. So your 92' model, would probally go for around the same as a good early 80's model- $1500 or so, depending on rego.

  15. it's done about 80000, little paint off purple side cover where i drop it on first ride it has only just gone through blue slip for rego and have plenty of pic's but don't know how to post them ( it's a girl thing) :eek:
  16. that is what i was thinking around that price. I wouldn't dare put it out on the road hubby did that last year with his fzr and some bugger ( and that is putting it nicely) flogged it.
  17. I'm selling because I have my zeal and i can touch the ground on it. There is nothing wrong with it, great bike to learn on. Hubby and mate worked on it for blue slip , my hubby wouldn't let me go out there if it is a stuffed bike would you let your misses. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  18. i already own the other 250 but wanted to learn on older bike just incase i came off. plus I've only had my L's for about a month.
  19. thanks for all the advice guys, I'm giving it a go on ebay so we will see what happens.
  20. One point not covered:

    You might get a bit more for it in Victoria or Queensland.

    In NSW no one wants a 250 anymore, unless it's a grey import alphabet 250 rrrrrrrrrrrrr

    If your willing to come to some arrangement with someone in another state in terms of drop off and pick up you might get a better price.

    Also without rego I think $1500 is the max you will get, even outside NSW.