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How much would you pay for an Exa?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Miss_dj, May 9, 2007.

  1. Hey peeps,

    My baby sister just started UNI this year and has realised how hard it is to live out of home, go to UNI AND owning a car!

    She considering seeling her little undercover Ferrari and i just wanted to see what some of you would be prepared to pay for the following:

    '91 Nissan Exa (Targa Top)
    Not sure of K's but will find out and edit
    Sports Exhaust

    She bought it off a girl in Canberra about a year and half ago.
    Shes looked after it really well, serviced it regularly and always kept it detailed... (*her big sis has taught her well :p)

    Now i would really appreciate serious considerations and opinions.
    I know that quite a few people aren't big fans of this particular type of car so dont be too harsh! :shock:

    Thanks peeps :wink:
  2. $2k.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Yeah 2k seems reasonable - maybe up to 3 if it's in really good condition and you found a particularly keen buyer. Unless of course it's a turbo - in which case it's worth about 50 cents.
  4. Yeah, those ceramic turbo's on them used to be 'da shite' but they are old in age and aren't worth the hastle anymore, unless you had money to project it up...
  5. i'll give 5 bucks :)
  6. Oh you could probably pay me $200 or something to take it...
  7. Anywhere from about $2k to $5k is the ballpark, depending on kms, condition etc. They're a good fun little car with a decent amount of go for what they are - I looked at buying one a little while back.
  8. I wanted one of these ! :LOL: but have a diff car now lol

    As posted 2k-5k if its in really good condition it will go for more :)
  9. yeah you want a triple SSS body shell for spares :p
    my mate threw a rod ages ago and his dad wants the shell out the driveway hehehe.
  10. In which case the money would be better spent just buying an AW11 MR2 ;).
  11. Hahaha i just checked redbook.com and wholy mother of god...
    The RRP for a '91 Nissan Exa was $27,500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry... I was just in a bit of shock :shock:
  12. Red Book is out of touch, has been for years!

    Regards, Andrew/
  13. Sure you weren't just looking at the "price when new" part of Redbook?
  14. JD and Typhoon, i think you may have been confused by my post ...

    If you go to red book, it shows current market value for a private sale, trade in and it also shows the RRP when the cars were first released...
    Thats what i was shocked about! lol

  15. I see your point. You're right they were pricey new, especially considering a Toyota Celica sold for about the same price. The fact that the EXA is worth so little now is down to the fact that like many Nissans they were badly designed and badly built - most are lucky to see past 130,000kms without serious engine problems (whereas Celicas can and do run well past 250,000).
  16. great cheap sports car

    Great cheap sports car.
    Good on fuel, parts are still easy to get and overall great car.
    Tho its front wheel drive good for everyday run about
  17. Good everyday runabout sure but by no definition is it a sportscar. The handling is appaling and the chassis has all the rigidity of an open shoebox. People buy them for their looks - underneath the skin it's just a Pulsar.