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How much would you pay for a used MT 07?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by susamuel, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. Hello all,

    I am new to riding. Just finished the pre-learner course over the weekend and can't wait to get the DKT done. I was going to buy a brand new purple MT-07 as my 1st bike. I was at the dealership checking price, availability, and other stuffs. Then the dealer showed me this red MT-07 just been trading in. It has been installed with Akra titanium exhaust, adjustable level, and tail tidy and 1600km on its odometer. The dealer was asking for $9250 for it. Just wondering if the more experienced riders on the forum can share some thoughts on whether it is a good deal or not..
  2. Seeing as they are $9999 ride away. Seems a bit steep. I mean there is the aftermarket exhaust which they'd probably want $1k for. So basically your saving $250 to have a bike with 1600kms on it, probably last years model and best of all saturated with someone's butt sweat.

    Seriously though I think the value is probably around $8,500. So go back and hit them with some offers if your keen.
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  3. Stock standard Mt-07's with 1500km are bringing from $8,300 and up. The Akro pipe is about $1,400 fitted. So it's around the mark.

    There is one in NSW with 2800kms on the clock, Akro and Flyscreen for $8,900. The cheapest screen I have seen is $150.

    If you walk in with $9,500 in your hand to buy a new MT-07, very few Yamaha dealerships would turn you away. That's ride away with 3 months rego. So it depends if you really want the pipe. Very tiny performance increase but great sound :)
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  4. It's kind of halarious actually. I'm selling my Honda VT400 in favor of an MT07 myself. They sell it at Yamaha Bikebiz for $8999 brand new but people on Bikesales & Gumtree sell their used last year's one for prices around $9000 to $10500 which makes me think 'are these guys dreaming?'. As CBF mentioned, offer them somewhere around the $8500 mark & then spend about $300 on a Yamaha comfort leather seat & pillion specifically designed for the MT07. That way you're using the money you saved on buying one & also getting a brand new seat which will help you to do longer rides without too much pain as opposed to the stock seat.
  5. $8,999 is the list price. Not the ride away price. The usual ride away price is $9,999. We are buying a MT-07 and an MT-09 at the same time so they have knocked the price down.

    The people asking $10,500 often have an akro pipe ($1,400 fitted), Screen ($200ish), Billet levers ($150ish each), Radiator Guard ($150) and so on.

    I agree that they are dreaming if they think they are going to get back everything they spent on it but you can see how they worked out the figure. Most start high and will accept a lot lower as well.

    Have you ridden the MT-07 JustCruisinJustCruisin ? It's freekin awesome :)
  6. So you and you're brother both pulled the trigger on a couple of MT's eh?
    Nice one :)
  7. Yep!! He's working up in the country at the moment but was back on the weekend so we took them for a test ride. They are such a great bike to ride. Puts the biggest grin on your face.

    Heaps of usable power for around town. Just such an easy bike to ride. He rode the MT-07 as well but has his heart set on the awesomeness that is the MT-09. I showed him the picture of your Race Blu bike and although he liked it, he is going to get the Deep Armour with the white and silver stripe down the tank. He likes the gold forks as well. That's pretty good because if I happen to get an MT-09 it would be in Race Blu although a Monster 821 is more likely my next bike :)

    How do you find your instrument panel BitSarBitSar? My brother thought it was a bit small and hard to ride. Especially compared to the MT-07's that he really liked.
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  8. Good stuff mate.

    The dash is very rudimentary. Especially coming from the Aprilia with all its' fandangle.

    Personally, I don't find it hard to read.
    Basic? Yes.
    Functional? Also yes.
    Great? No....
  9. Tell you what though.
    Once you're brother gets going on his MT - looking at the dash will be incidental to the ride.

    Just sayin'
  10. I bought my purple MT-07 with 3500km with akra pipe for an absolute steal fro $6k from Frasers in Newcastle. I thought the ad was a mistake when I first saw it, I was on their doorstep with the cash the next morning, I haven't seen another for that price since.
  11. That's the deal of the century there mate
  12. They said they were slammed with calls and emails, and admitted they priced it too cheaply. Previous owner traded up to a new Ducati Monster, they must have low balled him on the trade in