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Featured How much would this paintjob possibly cost?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by KnightRider321, May 6, 2015.

  1. How much would i cost roughly to give paint job on a ninja 300? Is there any other ways to paint it - Does plasti dipping look good?

  2. Do you have an idea of what you want the finished paint job to look like e.g. single colour, multi-colour, mural type thing, replica racing colour scheme, or just something to hide a few scratches?

    Plasti dip is OK for a temporary covering and will cost any where from $100 if you do it yourself to a few $100 for a professional job.

    There's also vinyl wrapping too.
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  3. If money isn't an object look at blingskinz or AMR graphics, they both do vinyl kits for bikes that if you have some skill you can do yourself. Remember, paint isn't reversible.
  4. like the Man said do the paint job your self. getting someone to do the paint job will cost you a bundle
    especially if your planning to paint the whole bike not to mention if you want graphics Etc .
    I am going to spray my GiXXER 750 myself. on Ebay you can buy good quality spray guns and all
    the Decals and stripes. I did see heaps of Ninja 300 decals and OEM body kits on Ebay as well.
    Read up on all the info on the Net and if you F**K up , So easy to fix and when you finish the paint job
    think of the enjoyment and pride of the work you did...
    the spray guns were a complete unit with all the accessories and pump for around $40 to $50 bucks
    and the Decals or OEM bike kits were from a few dollars up to around $150 dollars..
    Don't rush the job and you will be fine...

    Cheers Stray Cat
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  5. If you are painting just for looks and are not repairing damage then definitely consider vinyl or plastidip due to the "temporary" factor.

    I personally dont see the purpose of painting it as you could possibly just get new fairings, hurt resell value or desirability.
    My experience with platidip is that its a little tricky to clean as dirt will stick to it harder and your cloth will possibly get dust/cloth all over it.
  6. As an anecdote, I was at TeamMoto the other weekend on the receiving end of the hard sell. One Ninja stood out, having never seen it in such a vivid blue I went over for a look. Not very old, low KMs, full service history but hideous home paint job, most likely rattle canned.

    Speaking to the sales guy about how ‘unique’ the paint was, he remarked that’s whys it’s the cheapest one on the forecourt, $2k lower than similar Ninjas. Owner had traded up and been screwed on its value due to nothing else than a shoddy paint job.
  7. Also if you paint the bike another colour, you might also have to update the registration depending on State, like Cars.

    Unlike dipping and vinyl spray/wrap.
  8. Don't Plastidip if you want it to be permanent.
    I plastidipped my front fender to see what it would look like as a different colour, it lasted one ride when a small stone knicked it and now that knick is a hole in the rubbber coating.
    It doesn't bother me because it did its job as a tempory solution. But if it was permanent, I would be constantly fixing up the cover.
  9. The ninja 300 is not a forever motorcycle. Painting it will make it harder to sell. If you must be a special snowflake, either wait til you get off your restrictions, or do something you can easily reverse.
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  10. Leave it with a stock can that will make you stand out from the idiots.
  11. Are you sure you put the required layers on? to build the thickness.
  12. $30 for paint + $5 for the roller.. awesome.
  13. painting it tells prospective buyer that you've binned it bad enough to need it :)
  14. Single colour $1200. Not worth it.

    Do it yourself for less than $50. Orange peel, flaking paint, uneven colour looks like POS.

    Your choice.
  15. or buy a chinese fairing kit in whichever colour you like - it'll allow you to keep your current fairings in good nick which will help resale because people will know that you didnt drop it.

    It also allows you to paint/plastidip any way you like without the worry of ruining expensive oem fairings with paint or when you drop the bike - simply just put your oem fairings back on when you are selling