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How much will the tow company charge me ??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by adisankhiyan, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. Hello Riders,

    I live in Victoria. I crashed last week, got picked up by ambulance, got discharged from hospital last Sunday, and today I found out from the police where they towed my bike away. To give me a heads up and save me from a shock later, the cop I talked with said it's gonna cost me around $800 to get my bike. Can anybody with some general experience tell me if it's anywhere near truth.

    If there's anyone with personal experience with this company, the address of the tow company is 570 Geelong Road, Brooklyn, VIC. Google shows the company's name "Auto Care Motor Body Repair", but the street images shows the names "Bluestar Panels", "National Transport Equipment".

    Thank you

  2. You need to tell the whole story, and clearly you're not.
    Is the bike comprehensively insured?
    Did you hit another vehicle?
    Did you hit or damage any private or public property?
    Were you charged, or are you likely to be charged, with Negligent Driving (or the Victorian equivalent)?
    We're you charged with any other offence before, or since, connected with the accident?
    See what I mean?
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  3. Don't ask us how much it will cost as we don't know !
    Pick up the phone and call them.
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  4. And the longer they have the bike, the more it will cost to get it back. It is probably racking up daily storage fees.
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  5. at least they didn't leave it on the side of the road :)
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  6. If it is insured the insurance company should cover the tow. I was with Insure-my-ride and stacked in Victoria and didn't pay a cent even though it was a 80 KM pickup in a regional area.
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