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How much will a fairing cost me?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by malando_star69, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. I have a 96 ZZR, if i do a fairing, how much is it going to cost me. I would go to any lengths to get the better buy

  2. sorry, thats 250cc btw
  3. depends where you go or how you want it done and of course how damaged they are. you could repair them yourself for peanuts if you feel like having a shot at it, there are a few places that sell fibreglass replacements much cheaper than original if they are stuffed completely or missing or there are a number of places around that will repair them for you.

    a mate of mine spent $400 repairing a crack and the paint on his blackbird a while back, no idea what glass costs but it wouldn't be hard to find out.
  4. I recently had some fairings repaired at Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings in Spotswood (advertised in AMCN). The side fairing cost me $250 to repair (it had only scratches/gouges in it) and respray. The upper fairing which cracked through cost $300 to repair and respray in a pearl white. Their workmanship is superb and you cannot tell its been repaired. They can also replicate some original stickers. Be aware though if you have to buy OEM stickers it can be expensive. To replace 5 side fairing stickers on my bike cost me $172 from Honda.

    All depends on whether you want a repair to original condition or you just want it to function i guess. Otherwise you may be able to patch it yourself.
  5. You could also fixed it yourself.... My husband and I are built an fzr and we had to redo the fairings for it...

    Lisa :twisted:
  6. When I was at Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers (52- 54 Mologa Rd Heidelberg West (03) 9457 1733) they had some ZZR250 fairings, but not painted (white plastic) for around $250 if I remember.

    Bike Magic quoted me to do some plastic welding on some gaping cracks on my ZZR250 '95 fairings for $120. This however is not including painting. Welding + Paint job was about $560.