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How much u pay???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sunite, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. how much money do u fork out yearly for ya bike???
    first include
    new helmet:

  2. 200
    total 750 a year!!!
  3. How can you put a price on pure pleasure? :D

    I never take any notice, I just pay what it takes to keep my passion running :)
  4. Rego: $324 (includes $50 Brack's Tax)
    Insurance: $320
    Helmet: $300
    Servicing: $500
    Repairs: $0

    Approx Total: $1500

    Petrol Saving: $25/week ($1300)
    Rego Saving: $150/year
    Insurance Saving: $300/year
    Time Saving to/from work: 15mins each way per day for 240 days/year: $300/year

    Approx Total: $2000

    I reckon I'm about $500/year up and that doesn't include the priceless enjoyment factor of riding my bike!!!

  5. I agree.. even if it means i have to live like a bum!! :D :D :D
  6. rego: none yet dealer payed. :D
    insurance: green slip, dealer payed. :D full comp $1350 :facepalm:
    new helmet: $110 new visor for SHOEI
    serviceing: $600
    repairs: $400 new fairing when other car did the runner so I had to pay :evil:
    xtra: $900 new Dainese jacket

    Nodz you missed car parking cost ~$20/day $4800 :shock:
  7. This year
    rego: 350
    insurance: 459
    new helmet: 300
    serviceing: 300
    repairs: 200
    xtra: 300



    Rego: 350
    Insurnace: 0
    Helmet: 300
    Servicing 300
    Repairs: 1500
    Xtra: 400


    We are repainting Chris’s bike atm, as well as fibre glassing fairings etc.
    :) I can't wait until it is finished it will look really nice (i hope)

    Lisa :twisted:
  8. Riding frequency: virtually every day ~18000km this year

    rego: $477
    insurance: last year ~$1800(full comp, agreed value ~$20k), this year $1350 (full comp, agreed value $18k including mods)
    new helmet: ~$780
    servicing: ~$300 (~$800 with all the parts and new set of Rubber)
    repairs: $0 but a cracked middle fairing is going to cost me $320 to replace when I decide to fix it (driver was a runner)
    Fuel: ~$15/week depending on how much I get out on the road of a weekend
    parking: $0 footpath is free

    xtra: $$$$$$ on the shopping list
    - Two piece leathers ~$2000
    - Back protector ~$200
    - Gloves $250
    - Replacement visor $100
    - Superbike school ~$300
    - Track days: $$$$$
    - I'm sure there is more for this list but can't think of them

    EDIT: $1000/week to pay for all the coffee at coffee nights :LOL:

    Twisting the wrist: Priceless!!!
  9. For my FZR600

    rego: around $500
    insurance: around $500
    new helmet: $300
    serviceing: $at least $500 so far this year
    repairs: $100, which was a cracked clutch cover, which was cracked when i purchased the bike 2 years ago
    xtra: Not much, already have a heap of gear

    The petrol saving of doing 15000km a year on a bike and not my car, almost the same.
    Suzuki gsx 650 f specifications
  10. Rego: 450
    Insurance: 535 (I pay monthly)
    new helmet:800
    servicing: 1800
    repairs. none to speak of
    xtra: ah here is the rub, I like to buy bits for the bike, so
    C/F front guard 320
    C/F clutch cover 200
    Ducati Performance pressure plate 200
    stainless steel clutch springs and end cups 115
    LED taillight insert (just bought) 145
    CNC front sprocket cover 115
    replacement levers 24

    There will be more coming at some stage.

    The joy of riding is priceless and I would not stop even if it meant having to do without something else.
  11. how much money do u fork out yearly for ya bike???
    first include
    rego: $500 approx.
    insurance: $515
    new helmet: Nope. But around $700-$900 every few years.
    serviceing: $1600 or there abouts.
    repairs: $300
    xtra: Gear and add ons, probably around $1000.
  12. reply


    Rego - About $368
    Ins - $168 (3rd party only)
    Maint - About $200 (oil, plugs, filters)
    Repairs - None if I can stay on the black stuff, did have to replace the mirrors once and the brake cylinder. $200. (only stack in the 4 yrs I've had the bike)
    Helmet - Paid $200 about 4 yrs ago. Still OK.
    Fuel - Depends. Runs about 18k/litre. Plus Oil additive for valves and Octane boost makes fuel about $125/Litre.

    Again as some have said. The pleasure is what it is about. A trip to somewhere is just an excuse to ride the bike. If it is business I usually take the car because of the crap I have to carry.

    Ask the question, how much would you pay somene to borrow their bike and take it for a 400k run on a fine sunny day through some hills? That is what it is worth.



  13. Orcus, do you mean you pay $20/day for BIKE parking?

    We save heaps on parking, coz we can park on footpath or car park with no cost in Victoria. FREE!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also I save lot of money on the other way too, not enough storage for shopping, even go to shopping centre, you will think about how can I carry it on my bike, then will end up buy nothing. :p

    But on the other hand, spend a lot on bike parts & accessories or gears.
  14. also anyone with scooters out there???
    whats the price gap of keepin a scooter compared to a bike???
  15. Reg Same
    Insurance $267 (RACV pay by the mth)
    Helmet present!
    Servicing not sure as I haven't kept track
    Repairs $13 clutch lever (Sydney ride!) Maybe jail time for dismembering clown who backed over Bond if he doesn't come good with repairs!

    Savings approx the same! Emotional attachment - priceless!
  16. Reg $450
    Insurance $315 full comprehensive (gotta love being 40)
    Helmet $350 (will be forking out shortly)
    Service $650
    New rear Tyre $250
    Petrol $14 a week.
    Total cost excluding tyre and helmet.(1415)+728 for fuel
    Total 2143

    Reg 512
    insurance 480
    service (no idea as the BIL does it)
    petrol $50 a week
    tolls $50 a week
    Total (992) fuel 2600 tolls x48(2400)
    Total $5992

    Savings 3849
    Factor in a helmet and tyres and I'm still saving a shitload.
  17. My '00 subbie wagon services range from $85 for a basic 12,500k to $830 for the 100,000k, a clutch replacement cost me $1180 :shock:

    4 tyres around $500, a wheel alignment involves all 4 wheels, it takes longer to wash :(

    Only advantages... don't have to adjust the chain, tyres last longer and carries a bigger load.

  18. Batteries included? :p
  19. Pure Pleasure has been replaced with the Penguintronic :LOL: :LOL:

    Oops, wrong forum :oops:
  20. Rego around $500
    Insurance - No such animal yet
    Helmet - 450
    Servicing - $850 or so including new rubber all round
    Repairs - Looking for a paint job

    Extra stuff, too hard to keep track of it all, pants about 220 or so is the major expense.