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how much to try and get out of a dealer

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Blodders, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. i'm am currnetly looking to buy a new bike from a dealer, and have never negoiated with one before, what can i expect to get out of them,
    i will need to buy a few items to go on the bike.

    (ok i'd better fill you guys in) i'm looking at buying a new dual sport, ie DR650 or KLR both around $8000 with on road, but for these to be partaily ready to go i'll need to invest in a few items like bash plate $200, engine gards $300, rear rack $200, and bark busters $100, oh and a $450 long range tank. oh panniers $330
    and some new gear for my self. (dragins boots and hlemet.)

    soo what should i be able to negoiate out of them?
    if i cant get a discount on the bike should i push for some heavy discounts on the accessories?

    and how should i approch them on the topic?
  2. Good luck mate. Been there done that and gave up on the dealer and bought near new 2nd hand thru trading post.
  3. When you feel you have squezzed them as hard as you can on price, squeeze some more and then ask for the extra's.

    Don't mention them before that point.
  4. ive been told the DR's can go into the low 7's which is an absolute steal really. but yeah work on the accessories as well
  5. My DR was $7600 OTR in Nov '08. That includes the Perth Premium so I wouldn't expect to pay more in the east. As for the accessories, I found what the dealers were able to offer to be disappointing in range (for example, the only racks they could offer were the too small to be useful Suzuki item or the huge, hideous and, IMO, dangerous Ventura), so I didn't bother and bought exactly what I wanted over the net and fitted it all myself in a leisurely couple of hours.

    Clothing might have been a better bet, but, again, the best quote I got for the bike came from a dealer who didn't have anything I wanted or needed in stock.
  6. haha cheers guys
    the guys at A1 tried to quote me 8500 with all on roads
    and mick hone has said 7990 with all onroads
  7. I got mine from A1 in Brighton for $8,000.