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How much to repair you reckon???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bamm-Bamm, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. A good mate of mine who is a fellow netrider..or used to be before he got rid of his bike is looking to buy a Z750, he has found this one which is a 2005 with about 4000 k's


    I'm going to have a look at it with him...it has had a low speed drop and has a damaged pipe, dented tank, scraped bar end and some other scratches..now asking price is $8k negotiable...Which I think is a little steep considering you could pick up a runout of that model Z750 for just over 10k brand new.

    So take into account depreciation, and 8k with damage is not that good a price....considering the dents/damage what would you think it would cost to repair...I'm thinking to repair the tank, repaint it, replace bar end, and replace the can would be about $1500 if not more...not to mention sorting out the other scratches.

    I would appreciate some feedback as to what sort of price we should be looking at offering for the bike considering the damage it has.

    Or if anybody wants to come for a look with us that would be even better :grin:


  2. Maybe $6.5-7K max.

    Remember this is not a popular bike, especially on the used market and even less so damaged. This is a tough one for the seller to move because of price, but it will be hard to decide to sell for a few grand less than he just paid recently to unload it damaged.

    I think he will either have to take the loss, or someone with the skills/facility to repair it themselves will buy it for a bit under $8k.
  3. resprayed bikes are hard to on-sell.

    $6k would be good for you. $7k would be good for him.
  4. 8 Grand is the price of an 04-05 z750 with low kms and a pipe in great condition.

    Trying to sell it for 8 with damage is a joke.

  5. lol i saw that the other day when i was cruising bikesales. my thoughts then were that thats a good price for a clean bike, but damaged not so much