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How much to race Australian Superbikes?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. To all the racing knowledgables here, how much money is needed for a privateer to race in the big dance here in Oz? Team based in Vic.
    There are -
    3 rounds in Vic
    1 in NSW
    1 in SA
    1 in TAS
    1 in QLD
    So that's only 4 real away trips that will cost $$$. Bike, repairs, tyres, travel etc. The whole box & dice. Going to every round?
    What budget would you need? Without paying a rider.

  2. Have 100 thou at least.
  3. Yeah, that was my guesstimate.
  4. I'll sponsor you :p

    I'll buy you a can of chain lube :p
  5. Thanks for the offer, I think?

    An offer of lube from a Greek man :eek:hno:

    Wouldn't be any good for me anyway, not unless the rest of the SBK field are gonna race on pushbikes! :oops: They'd just have a constant yellow flag out if I was on the track! :LOL:
  6. At least you won't be constipated.
  7. Some pax can do it for under 60K.
    This means thet do not ever finish anywhere near the pointy end of the field. Also they tend to drop rounds when the $ get's tight cause of bike damage, injuries etc.

    Realistically, and only if the rider has the ability, you need 150k plus.

    Others just do selected rounds, closer to home, ie Victorian or NSW/Qld plus say the State Champs and try to get results on the board after a year or three of doing this and hopefully gaining a place in a team. This approach may be done for around $40 to $80k p.a.
  8. The Factory teams have a 7 figure budget. Very nice.
  9. I'd say at least 100k. And that wouldn't include staff.

    If you think a bike would cost you $15k (if you get a good discount). Even the privateers seem to run 2 bikes. Add suspension, (another few $k if you go the whole hog). Take it to a tuner, add another few grand.

    Tyres. I think the reasonable ones are about the $600 per set mark. A few of those will be chewed through.

    And then add crashes or other spares. Then you have practices, the potential to need to pay people to help and the numbers just go north.

    Are you trying to work out why Honda Australia have withdrawn?
  10. I would be looking HERE for starters & then HERE
  11. How many sets per round? Any ideas? 3,4,5, more?
  12. If you're in it to win, then at least a set per race, though with the shorter race durations in Australia might mean you get away with less than that.
  13. lol, in 1995, I did the whole season of the Australian Superbike Championship, back then we were running FIM 750's and our races were combined with the V8 Supercar race meetings, hence we were paid $400 start money at each event.

    I got either the factory Superbike teams or one of the V8 Supercar teams to take my bike to the far-away events: Wanneroo (WA), Hidden Valley (NT) & Lakeside (QLD) and my wife & I flew.

    I also gave Peter Doyle (then crew chief for Team Kawasaki) a slab of VB stubbies at each round for a good set of used slicks to use.

    I finished the year 9th outright and 1st Privateer, the year cost me $58,000.
  14. So 58K in 95, calling in lots of favours…
    Doing it for 100K now would be damned tight
  15. John, any chance of a rough break down of where the $58k went?
  16. A grand in beer for Peter, for a start.