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How much to pay?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by beno cbr, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, just wondering how much i should realistically expect to pay for a low klm aus delivered 250cbr?

    The Aus delivered models are usually advertised at higher prices than the chop shop imports.... Are the greys worth the gamble? There seems to be a lot of them gettin around.

    Theres a 98 aus delivered RR at a bike shop down the road with a ticket price of $6999. It's done 25,000 and looks pretty tidy, what do you guys think?


  2. 7 grand is a ridiculous amount to pay for any CBR given you could ride away with a brand new GPX for less. If you really want a CBR you're probably going to be best off looking at private sales - if you're lucky you should be able to find something decent for around 4-5 grand.
  3. Rubbish!!!!!

    The Aus imported CBR's are still fetching $6-8K

    They are the real deal not something that resembles a patchwork quilt and then painted to look pretty.

    They are a fantastic bike, any owner will tell you that.

    Shame they stopped making them in favour of the stupid little 150 that was made by drunken Thai's :grin:
  4. Beno, I saw one about 1 month ago that fit a similar description at Dandenong Honda. It was the same price. Its highly likely I would have bought it if I didn't feel too cramped/uncomfortable sitting on it. You're not going to do any/much better than that at a dealer and as for private, you'd need to be lucky enough to get a look at it before its sold so I doubt you'd do much better again. $7k for that is the market price.

    For $4k-$5k in Melbourne, you'll get a much older one that's gone further or a newer one that's been dropped.
  5. :LOL: The CBRs sold here in 97-98 were assembled from leftover parts - production ceased in '96. Not saying 7k isn't the norm for a CBR (anywhere that doesn't have LAMs), just that their prices are ridiculously over-inflated considering that there are newer and/or better bikes available for less.
  6. Hi Jd, i understand that the market price of cbrs is high in comparison with their age, however your comparison of a rr with a gpx doesnt really compare apples with apples. You COULD buy a brand new hyundai elantra for the same price as 7yr old wrx, but as a motoring enthusiast you wouldnt.

    Also i cant imagine the market price of cbr's dropping any time soon, so im not going to loose much money on it or have as much trouble selling it as i can imagine i would with a (then) 2nd hand gpx.

    Having said that, im open to suggestions for any other NICE looking, learner sports bikes?
  7. baby ninja! same probs as cbr though, discontinued, lots of greys, chop shop bikes. but seems to be a little roomier for the long legged.