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How much to paint a bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by powerd, May 30, 2012.

  1. I have a Triumph Sprint GT - or rather, will have from Saturday. It replaces a glorious Tornado Red one which was eaten b a car. Trouble is, the colours available on the GT are deadly boring - black, a dark metallic blue blue, and silver which I have.

    I am toying with the idea of repainting the bike red - someone on the British Triumph site has photoshopped it in red and it transforms the bike.

    Anyone know how much it would cost to repaint all the coloured bits - to as new standard? That's fairing, tank, sidecovers, front mudgaurd. I could remove the bits and sand them back as required, to reduce the cost if necessary - I have done some car painting but I'm not good enough for a near new bike in 2 pack. Anyone know someone good here in Canberra?

    If I can afford it, I might have a go.

    Any assistance appreciated.

  2. you should PM gongrider. a couple of weeks after he bought my blue Hornet he had a mate of his repaint it and it looks pretty schmick!
  3. Thanks Hornet

    I'll try that. You see I have an ulterior motive. It will, of course, go faster if it is red and I want to feel I have got value for money by paying more than the insurance payout from my old bike.

    Everyone knows silver bikes are slow.

  4. I got quoted $1500 by a couple of motorcycle repairers on a brand new Ducati Diavel.
    I eventually paid a bit more and got Ducati to organise it but that included hand painting stripes. Am totally rapt with the job.
  5. So you'll be changing your Uname when you replace the hornet?
  6. im not sure how modifications from factory affects mbikes, like they do in cars. but if you wanna sell it in a few years you may find that a change of colour (from factory) may decrease your chance of selling at 'normal' resale value.

    if money not a problem.....go for it.
  7. The Hornet has been replaced, and changing my username has been discussed, but I think I'd have a serious identity crisis if I had to log in under another name, so I'm staying Hornet. I think at this stage of my Netrider career the name belongs to me rather than being an expression of the bike I ride :).

    I've now got a blue VFR750, incidentally.....

    on the subject of which, jphanna, I have a feeling the change of colour from red to a non-stock Candy Hawaiian Blue was the reason people didn't bid on my VFR when it was on eBay. Suited me, 32 people watched it but no-one bid and I was able to get it for only $500 more than the start price of $3,000.
  8. jphanna

    A wiorthwhile point. Balancing that is that I am thinking of painting it Tornado Red, a genuine Tiriumph colour that was available on the Sprint ST but not the GT, but looks great. Secondly, I may not sell the bike for many years, it will have a lot of extras and I will really keep it in vgc. Plus i have paid a very good price it in the first palce, so depreciation is not such a big problem.

    When repainting stuff, it is important not to isolate many potential buyers, butto improve the looks.

  9. Mate its your pride and joy.

    you sound like you know what you want, and you have thought about it, it looks like a beautiful colour.....so why not?

    ride safe no matter what colour it is.